Should Blender (one up) Epic Games

So here is my opinion, Epic games already has the competion and has done for a while in that they had a very powerful game engine and a LOT of money, Now they have MetaHuman and I want that to raise the standard for Blender. If it doesn’t at some point Blender may be left behind. So here is my Hopeful idea, Blender makes it so you can: Texture like Substance designer, Create Procedural buildings like Houdini, having a game engine addon like Armory game engine and I can always hope for incredible or just slightly better destruction physics.

I would like Blender to have integration to Meta human, apparently along with the Metahuman Unreal files, Unreal will export Maya files with the riggs and models from Metahuman, that means that to truly use the system at its most powerful a paywall will remain in that you will need Maya to use it, if there was a way to export the Metahuman rigg and models directly into Blender then no paywall would exist, and that would be a huge revolution in what Indy studios could do, I kind doubt it will happen tho, but I bet I’m not the only person thinking about this, so maybe some programmers at some point will do a plugin that can do this…

Crazy as it sounds I never thought to search before posting a thread, but I posted a thread on here the other day, all about the lack of MetaHuman Creator in Blender, and how worrying it is.

I’m pleased to see others have spotted the blazingly obvious lack of something like this in Blender! I think one of the problems we have is that most people who work with figures are generally DAZ, iClone and Poser users, and those users are not Blender uses precisely because Blender lacks such an easy and enjoyable way to work with figures.

MetaHuman Creator will suck-up not only Blender users, but DAZ users, iClone users, and Poser users like a sponge. I recall Ton Roosendaal once saying that he feels Epic loves open source, and while I generally agree with what Ton says like 99% of the time, this is something I disagree with.

Personally, I think the only thing Epic use open source for is a way to sway people into believing there is no restriction, and to believe that Unreal Engine must therefore be a safe bet.

Fact is, it’s no safer than any closed source project, because of the licence restrictions they have in place, and because they’re locking copmponents of the system into a cloud, thereby giving them control and putting them in a position to take it away from you whenever they feel like it.

So in my opinion, Epic are using MetaHuman Creator as a power-grab, and also in my opinion, it is a serious threat to those who don’t have such a system in their own 3D program of choice. Blender has no such system, there are plugins, but there is nothing that is part of the official downloadable Blender spec that does what MetaHuman Creator does, and that should be a concern to anyone who realises how often a human is depicted in a render, and therefore, how important such tools are to a 3D program like Blender.

I think the best way forward is for the Blender team to, as you say “One Up” Epic, and build an even better version directly into Blender. They should release such a thing along with a pair of meshes that become the official default Male and Female Blender meshes.

If the Blender team fail to realise the importance at an early stage, trust me, they will when the userbase starts getting sucked-up by Epic. In that case we have to rely on the good people who produce plugins, and in that case, I’d personally love to see MakeHuman tackle the issue, but that’s easy for me to say since I’m not in a position to do any programming, not being a programmer.

For anyone interested, here’s the thread I started about it:

If we want to pick only one program for modelling / texturing, and only one engine to do the rest, the obvious picks are Blender and Unreal indeed. Blender is completely free, and Unreal is free too, unless you make such a huge amount, after which the royalty should not be an issue, but even better if you stay with their own Epic Store to publish. Might be harder than Unity, but all-in-all a better choice if you can have the team or time. (There might be Godot, but I’m specifically talking refined, FPS / TPS content here).

So even apart from Metahuman, these two are obvious choices for anyone, who wants to move outside of Blender to achieve something bigger. It is a shame we mostly don’t have that many years of our lives to learn or the team and money to turn a project real :smiley: On the low-scale end of things, we can still reach some nice goals :slight_smile:

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I see Blender and various “game engines” as being complementary technologies, not competitive ones. They are two ships passing in the night, both sailing for similar horizons, and neither has any motivation at all to shoot torpedoes. :slight_smile:

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Blender has no need to shoot “torpedoes”, but commercial entities do, and Epic, whether you like it or not, is a commercial entity. MetaHuman Creator being locked into the cloud and no way to export to Blender, is indeed one of those “torpedoes” you talk about :wink:

So, Blender has no need to fire torpedoes, but it does need to protect its userbase from those who fire torpedoes at it. Epic don’t behave in a way that is compatible with open source ethics, and anyone wanting proof need look no further than MetaHuman Creator that is locked into a cloud and is prevented from exporting to Blender. It’s a power-grab, a user-base builder which is absolutely what you expect from a commercial entity.

I don’t doubt that we’ll eventually see something built-in to Blender that will be the finest figure-design solution on the planet. My only concern is how far away it might be, because in the meantime, MetaHuman Creator is going to suck-up users like a sponge.

As I said in another thread, MetaHuman Creator is simply far too good, to ignore.