Should ground be vibrating?

Do you think that the ground should shake when a gigantic creature takes a step? In this video I made it so that the camera shakes when a huge robot takes a step. Do you think it is a + or a - and is annoying and making the video hard to see?

trying to be realistic, when there’s a large impact on the ground like a giant footstep, there are seismic waves that would shake the camera. but I think you have the magnitude of them way to high. small shaking not big shaking

You have definitely put too much. Also a flying camera is usually not affected by shaking ground. Use a static camera and tone down on the shaking a lot.

he’s tip-toeing and yet the camera acts like it’s mounted on jello…
bad. very bad.

remove the camera shake, and instead, work on the animation of the robot, so it looks like it’s a heavy hunk of metal lumbering around, instead of something the weight of a paper clip. :wink:

way to much, it should be less then it will be cool :slight_smile:

Here is the newest update.