Should I build a car body with NURB surfaces ? Is that a good idea ?


I want to model an outrageous concept car and then mix with real footage so that I am driving it around.

I imagine something like this:

I think NURB surfaces are a good way to do it, do you agree ? What other techniques could I use for the car’s body?
(if you dont have time, just name the technique briefly, I will Google it further)

Thank you very much

you could do some complicated 3D shape with nurbs surface but then need to convert to mesh anyway!

probably easier using subsurf and it will work fine!

happy blendering

While I’ve never attempted to model anything serious using NURBS, I remember people mentioning that Blender’s Nurbs tools aren’t really good enough for modeling a car.

So I guess the usual mesh modeling is going to be your only option.

Yeah blenders Nurbs are kinda lacking a lot of features normally expected, I would start with a low res mesh with a high level subsurf modifier, once you have the general shape reduce the subsurf by maybe half, (from level 6 to level 3) apply it then subsurf level 2 it again, then place finer details, then either apply the final mesh or place a dummy simple modifier (factor of 0), this will make it draw faster (if you have VBOs activated)

Thanks guys,

Yes I have been trying for 2 - 3 hours to model with NURBs. Although it could be good to make a cloak or a sheet or something, I could not manage to control it adequately for what a car would require.

Therefore yes I reverted to normal surface/edge editing :slight_smile:
Exile420 thanks for your method sharing.

Well, I guess the result is (again) that NURBs don’t work for cars :frowning: