Should i buy this computer?

I’m looking to buy my brother’s computer, and i’m wondering if this could hold up to the needs of blender. The specs will be below. I’m also wondering if it’ll be completely obsolete and unusable in two years time. Thanks everyone!

                               Inspiron 530,Intel Core2 Duo  processor E4500 (2.20GHz      ,800FSB) w/Dual Core          Technology and 2MB cache                                  
                               2GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz                                  
                               Dell USB Keyboard                                  
                               Dell Optical USB Mouse                                  
                               Dell 19 inch E198WFP Flat     Panel Analog and Digital                                  
                               Integrated Intel  Graphics    Media Accelerator 3100                                  
                               320GB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive (7200RPM)                                  
                               Microsoft Windows Vista Home  Premium Edition, English                                  
                               Vista, PC-Restore, Dim/Insp                                  
                               56K PCI Data Fax Modem                                  
                               Internal PCI 802.11g wireless network card,Full Height                                  
                               16X DVD+/-RW Drive                                  
                               Integrated Audio                                  
                               Trend Micro PC-cillin InternetSecurity, English, 30-Days    Subscription                                  
                               MS WORKS 8.5                                  
                               Soft Contracts - Banctec                                  
                               You have chosen a Windows     Vista Premium System                                  

The price he’s offering me is $600, and i’m hoping that it’ll last me through college. Which is awhile, cause i’m going into Junior year this fall. Anyways, thanks for your help!

for $600 it wouldn’t be to bad but it doesn’t have like any graphics capabilaty… if I were you I’d build one! I’m building one and for about $900-$1000 I have one with

Intel core 2 duo E8500 (3.16GHz 1333MHz FSB) 6MB L2 Cache

XFX 780i nforce mother board

Nvidia GTS 250 (512MB GDDR3) graphics card

8gigs DDR2 Ram

thermaltake toughpower 750W

Western Digital caviar green 1TB hard drive

Vista home premium 64bit

raidmax sagitta case

and a BluRay player

but that’s not counting my monitor, mouse, keyboard or speakers…

I cant believe your brother is asking that much from you for that computer. You sure he is your brother?

Laptops like mine are being sold with similar specs and better graphics capability right now for just a little more than that. (It’s about 3 years old.)

If I were you, I’d check out specifications of computers on the net in that price range before accepting his offer. Most of the stuff in that list is unneeded. Ignore the software, you can go open source.

What you need:

Processor (the one above is ok… no better)
Memory (same…)
Hard drive (same…)
Sound (above is ok but not too good… if you intend to use it as your main music system then you could do with a better one)
Graphics (above is poor… onboard is just for putting text on a screen really. No games released in the last 5 years, poor Blender usage.)

It depends what you want. If you want a word processor then check internet prices and maybe go for your brother’s. For something to continue Blending on and for games/entertainment then you should maybe look elsewhere.

Edit: You could always check out how upgradeable it is and get a graphics card later, but I don’t know about upgrading Dells.

@RAMBO187: Looking like a nice rig. :slight_smile: Add a gaming keyboard and a half decent monitor and you’re rocking. Mouse is trivial. Get a half decent sound card and hook it up to a cheap hifi amp/speakers and you’ll blow other computers out the door for sound. :wink:

I researched it and it’s pretty upgradable. I can replace the CPU with a quad, i can update the graphics card, and if needed, i’ll install linux on it too.

To get a good graphics system, what would you recommend for a card? (because that’s all you need for good graphics right? Just the card?)

Thanks guys!

By the way, i bought it, it fits my needs, and it’s a good price.

And what high end ($100 - $250) graphics card would work with that computer?

I really appreciate your help guys. I’ve spend a while on google and sometimes it just doesn’t help.

Mouse is trivial.

??? A good mouse is great for Blender use… when you’re moving verts around, a high resolution optical gaming mouse is great! You can pick up a good mouse for around $50, which isn’t that bad…

You aught to do more research.

This is a quad core machine, with 4 gigs of ram, and obliterates the computer you posted in every way, accept its brand new, and 460$. I found that after 10 seconds of looking on That 140$ difference is more than enough to buy a good LCD monitor. You could even go for a 21" monitor for 140$. You can do even better if you buy the parts yourself separately from newegg. It takes about 3 hours to learn how to put together pc. I’d say what you posted would have been a terrible deal even a year ago.

I highly recomend not buying computers with a plan to upgrade in the future, imo its not a cost efficient way of doing things, and usually results in alot of system bottle necking. You can’t just drop a new CPU into an old motherboard in most cases unless it’s a very small upgrad. Intel’s new cpus no longer use the LGA 775 (the standard for core 2 duos) so you’d end up having to buy a new motherboard also… which means you will be taking the entire computer apart anyway…

I concur with OrchidFace. $600 for a dualcore machine is very much not a deal. You can buy a quadcore with 4 gig RAM and a 1 TB drive for that, and get the 22" Acer flatscreen at TigerDirect for $139.

what do you think about this laptop? Will it work good with blender?

Well, i bought the computer… is it worth my time to sell it and get the one you mentioned? or to upgrade?