Should I Buy This Tablet?

I’ve been browsing different types of tablets, mainly Wacom, but this one caught my eye.

It’s huge, with a 12" by 7" active area, it also has 4000 lpi, and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The sensitivity seems standard, but the lpi is a bit bigger than normal. Check the website for more stats, but the thing that is in my way of buying it is the fact that it’s only $180, which seems much too cheap for a tablet this size. Especially one that comes with Photoshop Elements 7.0.

Does any one own one? Have any thoughts? I’m interested to hear if you think it’s so cheap for a reason. I’m on a very tight budget, so the only Wacom I can afford is the Bamboo, being a High School student.

Here’s the Newegg page.
The page.
And the company’s page.

If I purchased it, it would be through, as their refund policy sounds fairly sound.

I’d stick to Wacom for the solid software support, rather than chance a weird off-brand device that might not be as compatible. I don’t do that much graphics stuff, but I’ve had an original Graphire for ~6 years and have yet to have a problem with it. Sure, bigger is nice, but the basic functionality is all there…

Okay you know what’s happening here, it seems our ever industrious friends in Asia have caught on to the fact that people want tablets. Now they are mass producing the same shape and slapping different logos on it. Search for Genius M712 or something like that and youll get the genius version of it. I have one and I think it’s fine… will hopefully soon post a portrait of Summer Glau on my DevArt page, so will place link in this forum. What I can tell you it’s better than the one I had previously (also genius). I assume Wacom is really good, but for the price it goes here in SA it’s more that half my salary. If your not the worlds bestest most brandest digital artist I would rather go for the Genius version of it. Unless ofcourse this is actually what Genius calls themselves in Kabul or somewhere…

Have you tried a tablet with this size area. I personnaly think that an A5 size is just fine and any bigger feels like you’re moving the pen so far that it feels unnatural. Also anything that says it uses USB 1.1 rather then the standard USB 2 feels like its made with extremely cheap parts or very old stock.


Don’t get something too expensive a bamboo is a nice entry level pad, a genius is good tablet too I have one. I would love to switch to a wacom pad but I am holding off on doing so until I get good solid foundation of digital painting, something that I estimate will take me two years of solid work. Unless you are extremely good at digital painting getting the more expensive wacoms could be a waste. Kinda of like getting a buggati veyron when you barely know how to drive.

The two main differences between this tablet and the Wacom are:
-You need a battery in the pen whereas Wacom technology is battery fry and will last you years without having to maintain anything if treated carefully. (This also changes the weight of the pen)
-There is no support for tilt angle (despite what’s written on some pages of some rebrand of this model, they stamped 60 ° angle and pretended to only “mean” it was “still responsive at varying angles” they had to take that stamp off but some pages are old), whereas Wacoms of this size range (not the A5) support tilting angles up to 60 degrees as a real variable parameter into some applications which have coded support for it (not the case of Blender yet, though).

Add to this what everyone else said. To me, there are currently only two brands to consider if you want to buy a tablet this size: Wacom or Hanvon.
Buying such a product is expensive, but you’ll be able to keep it ten years.
Whereas one such as you showed… Well, you’re not even sure That it will work on arrival. because of frequent driver issues, especially with Linux. That’s why I took no risk and went for a Wacom

Tyrant Monkey is right. I had a Graphire (predecessor of the Bamboo). It last me years already and still works And it has no batttery either. Now that I bought a bigger one I still use it when I need a small one to travel with So it will be a better choice for you if you don’t know yet how seriously you’ll be using it.

Same here! I have two graphires; both still work. I had to replace one of the pens because of an accident but – this might be useful to someone – the bamboo pen works just fine on them.

I have a small 4" x 6" Wacom intous 4 tablet and I love it. I once bought a wacom tablet that was huge thinking I’d love the large size area to work with…and It really annoyed me a lot having to move my arm a long distance. It’s really all about preferance, but I have to say I like the medium - smaller tablets better.

I own a wacom bamboo fun medium(large…), good for low to mid skill artists, and being that the wacom is a well know brand if something were to happen you know they’ll be there.

I’ve had mine for just under a year and its still going without a hiccup


Yup. I’d agree with pretty much all the other comments. I have a bamboo and it’s doing nicely after a couple of years now with no hiccoughs. I even spilled tea on it and it still works fine (not recommended though)! Also, there really is no need to go for a larger area tablet. I have a 7in (approx A6 size) one, and whilst I might go one size up when I upgrade, I wouldn’t bother with anything beyond that.

If you use anything but Windows, be prepared for a giant technical pain in the ass getting a non-wacom board working properly.

these tablets are fine. Personally i’d go with trust.

Don’t believe this “OMGZ wacom wacom” crap. Fair enough they produce good tablets, but they charge way to much, it’s really just to keep the branding in the prestige market.

Get one of these tablets and you’ll be a happy person, it’s such a huge improvement from the older tablets. The pen feels nice in the hand, the extra feautres on the tablet itself are very nice too, scroll/ zoom wheel/ panning etc etc.

All in all a very nice and cheap package to get you into the tablet market. If you get a to profressional level then go straight to the wacom Cintiq area.

Thanks for all the input!

I can see the strong Wacom loyalty, which almost makes me lean more towards the Bamboo.
I hadn’t known about tilt angles, which is interesting. I know the tablet is huge, but keep in mind, there are two smaller sizes. I just picked the biggest for comparison.

Okay, yep there’s a lot of Wacom (what can they be called collectively? Waco’s?) luvvers out there. Well, tilt angle is one function that might be important to you and then again might not be. I don’t think Bamboo has it anyway.

I agree about the whole battery in pen thing, the board I have has a very bulky pen, but I don’t have dainty little hands like some of those Waco sissy’s (just kidding guys!). Personally, if you’re on a tight budget I’d go for the Genius or if you must the Bamboo, smaller tablets are a godsend if you’re limit in space.

I won’t rant about Wacom, simply cause I haven’t touch one yet and I know i’ll luv it once I do. But I wont shoot the other alternative tablet down, since some people in some countries are strapped for cash and yes Daniel, I agree Wacom really should review their pricing policy.

Just so you see the difference, I bought my Genius M712 tablet for under R 2000.00 (with delivery) whereas the Intuos3 (smallest tablet) would’ve cost me just under R 4000.00 (with delivery)

You can get good tablets other than Wacom, I just recommend to read reviews and comparisions and then to decide, what it is you really need.

I have two tablets, old Wacom Volito and Aiptek 12000u. I have never had problems with Wacom, I believe it works reasonably well even under Linux. But the Aiptek is another story. It worked well in winXP, service pack 2 installed. But after I updated to sp3, the functionality of the tablet went haywire. Funny thing is, that Aiptek hasn’t yet fixed those issues, at least not with 12000u. They stated, that it’s not their fault, that XP is a crappy os (not their exact words mind you) and they have no intentions of corrcting their drivers. Though personally, I just think it’s incompetence from their part.