Should I change my avatar??

I’m right now a several years on elysiun, a part of the community which I really like. I decided to be a part until it dies or I die or don’t remember what happened.

But ok, but since I joined I never changed my avatar. I’m thinking of changing it to another one, but I’m not sure. Because I like this one, but also want a change, so I decided to make a topic.

What do you think, should I change it or keep this one? Or will you get disappointed because you knew that the blue manga figure was once JD?

Let me know what you think of my current avatar, if I should change it or not and why?

its up to you, but there really isn’t a reason why you need to change your avatar

I’d imagine that people have been confused by the times I have changed mine… you’re not that unknown here perhaps you should keep it the same

im used with it,so if you change it i wont recognize you anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it say “jd-multi” on it.

Make it animated too.

Only the popular people make threads like these, if I did, you’d all lock it right away :stuck_out_tongue:

Do what you want.

yea, when you changed it from the one i first saw, i didnt reconize you untill i read your name.

Jd, i voted change it because i think thats the one you had when i first joined.


Where’s the option for “I don’t care!!”?

The only time I support changes in avatar is when people have very flashy avatars that make my head hurt. Keep it, I’m used to it. If you change it you’ll confuse me. Theeth’s avatar change was hard on me. “Who does this guy think he is? Oh, wait, never mind… it’s just Theeth with a new avatar.” Note: this was probably more than a year ago.

You have one of the best avatars out there. Keep it. I’ll be dissapointed if you change. :frowning:

It’s nice but I’m not really a fan of Anime.

Me no like. Like someone’s said before, avatars are like a face, that is easily recognizable amongst others. Would you change your face when you got tired of it? :wink:



:slight_smile: i changet mine…the old one is in the trash now :slight_smile:

make the same character with blender and render…

I like it and think you should keep it. But I’m curious, what series is the character from?

same here!

Totally no idea where it comes from. I accidently deleted the orginal image, but is was a manga girl, with a blue suite and cloth parts floating around here, while holding a big sword. I found it when I was searching for manga like drawing tutorials. At the same time I registered myself on Elysiun, so used that char. :slight_smile:

You better keep it ^- we must make a stand that anime icons are cool… Well not really just better then most ^-.

Ack, Sutabi, those smileys are going to kill me!!!


(It’s all because of the anime people at my school who sit around and draw anime all day and think of nothing else, but I have just about had it UP TO HERE with all things anime related. YUCK YUCK. Infact, I was walking down the hall when some asshole comes up next to me wearing a kimono and her hair was done up with chopsticks and she was saying something like “I’m asian at heart.” UGH)

So are all the people who really are Asian and don’t do all those things non-Asian at heart? She may be Asian at heart, but she’s a stereotype outside.