Should I consider buying Character Creator 3 or model my own figures?

Just wanting to know if it is worth it to buy Character Creator 3 or to model my own and use something like rigify to rig?

I want to model exaggerated characters and rig them. Is it worth it to buy Character Creator 3 and then bring in the mesh to Blender and modify or best just to start from scratch in Blender and use something like the addon rigify.

Thanks for any opinions on this. I am an intermediate modeler with Blender.

Personally I always try to model stuff myself first, so that I fully understand the process before I use addon’s/templates. Same goes for rigging. It helps if you fully understand what rigify does before using it to speed up your process.

Thanks for that reply BlenderRens…I agree. I have a bit of refreshing to do on the rigging and painting weights etc. The reason I am asking is that when I had the demo (30-day trial of Character Creator) I had a medical emergency and never got to try it out.

So I want to find out if I can import a Character from CC3 into Blender and modify the mesh and re-export it to CC3 for rigging. Things like that…that might help speed up the pipeline.

Sure appreciate your reply.

No problem :slight_smile: I am a bit of a control freak so I always want to know what’s going on haha. Maybe you can email them and ask if they can renew the trial for 1 month.

If you are going to exaggerate characters, I would do it on your own.

Something automatic will never give you what you really want.

Thanks guys…yes you are right. Better off working from scratch within Blender.


it depends. Is it for professional stuff or your own leisure time?

I am 70 years old…a retired oil painter, figure artist. So it is just for my own pleasure.

In that case I think you will get more joy from doing it from scratch in Blender.