Should I Finish Destruction of Frog!?

(BgDM) #1

Well, this was going to be for my entry into the Weekend Challenge last week. I did not get to finish it though :frowning: I was going to have a firecracker shoved up the frogs butt with the end lit up, just waiting for the thing to blow up. The frog would have a scared s&@%less look on his face. I thought it would have been pretty funny :wink:

Anyway, no actual firecracker yet, but that is what I wanted to know, (as the poll asks), should I finish it or not?

here is the link to a non-posed frog: (cut and paste)

Textures were done with photoshop and UV mapped onto the frog. There are 2 bump maps for the outline of the belly and the spots on the back. Also another one for the smaller bumps on the back. A big thanks to Lyubomir for the cartoon eyes tute on Blenderchar. The eyes are all latticed up and move great!!!

Let me know.


(Zweistein) #2

Yeah, finish that freaky guy :wink: or is it a woman?

looks nice

(digitalSlav) #3

ah firecrackers and frogs… such fond memories :slight_smile: