Should I get the latest Blender?

I am using a “quite an old version” of blender of moment, the reason why I am not using the new ones is because the last time I downloaded a new (at the time) version of blender, its interface was VERY VERY different that I couldn’t figure out how things work, the UV map option has gone somewhere else, lots of new values were added, didn’t even know how to enable particle option :stuck_out_tongue: , thats why I had uninstalled it for it was far too confusing and it was mucking up my working efficiency.
But I have heard something very tempting about the latest blender the other day. Apparently the blender internal renderer is now twice as fast as yafray now. Although I am using yafray for alot of my rederings , I am not really a yafray fan (I don’t like how it doesn’t supports halo, motion blur etc.) Therefore I am thinking about switching onto the new blender. OR is there anyway I can have two versions of blender on the same machine?

Wow man, I don’t even know where to begin.

What Blender are you using? You can download the .zip version rather than the .exe version and unpack it somewhere on your harddrive. You can then just double click on the Blender.exe there and it will open without touching your current version. Then you can use it in companion with your old version.

Depending on what version you have, Blender may be faster than yafray, but probably not any faster than Yaf(a)ray. We now have fake ambient occlusion, which produces really nice renders very quickly. We also have nodes, which allow all manner of messing about with compositing, fudging and post-pro to images. We also have open GL shading in the viewport so you can see stuff “Live”. Then there is the sculpt mode, the UV baking… well, the list just goes on.

Don’t loose heart or think “OMG, how do I keep up with all that!?” People who keep up with the latest releases feel left behind with the last few versions of Blender (Yes, I am one of them!).

You can get an overview of what has changed here:

and Here:

Should I get the latest Blender?

Yes. The interface hasn’t changed that much since 2.3x versions. Nothing you couldn’t figure out pretty quick with a little searching or wiki browsing.

Yes. Install it in a different subfolder. Use the “keep all elements in install directory” option (don’t recall exactly what its called in the Windows Installer - I’m assuming Windows, here.)

As to BI vs Yaf rendering… BI will likely be faster in most instances than yafray, but will require more “trickery” to get realistic-type rendering. The results are well worth it, and I often prefer them over GI. Also, BI’s a must for anything animated. GI’s just too slow and gets noisy results with anything multi-framed.

Hey man, I understand you absolutely. For this reason I am still using Windows 3.11, only Notepad for my writing and NetScape 1 for internet browsing. I also do not use cellular phone :-)))

… of course I am just kidding. You should be able to learn new things and features to survive using computers.

But really don’t have a cellular phone.:frowning:

When upgrading, save your old.b.blend file which has your UI. After you upgrade, copy that over the installed version and you will have your old UI back.

When you open a file from someone else, disable the Load UI button on the header and the screen layout and theme used in that file will not load.

Also, it’s true in general that it’s easier to update frequently and adapt little by little, rather than updating every five years.

And please use the search feature of the forum when it comes time to ask where the “Subsurf” button is! :slight_smile:

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