should I give up on this tracking project?

I have a 3d helmet that I wish to put on an individual in a video who is playing guitar. I’ve started with putting marker points on his face with a sharpie and tried tracking. Aside from being relatively unsuccessful (for a variety of reasons) I started to realize after reading and listening to many tutorials that it seems imperative for Blender to be able to “see” a good majority of the marks on someone’s face. As the individual turns his face to look at the guitar neck (80% of the time , the other 20% is looking directly at the camera), only one side of his face is available.

Am I fighting an uphill battle? Should I give up with trying to put a helmet on this individual? With only half of the markers visible the majority of the time, isn’t it impossible for Blender to track this accurately? most of the tutorials I’ve seen features tracking from the front.

I’m wondering if I am wasting my time :frowning:

track what you can see. you can eneb le and disable tracks as they come in and out of camera view. also dont just rely on your markers, use visual features of your model like ears and such.
also dont try to track everything at once, pick a spot and if needed track manually frame by frame. if you go close up, blender is good enough to track even my mobile phone footage just using slight pixel variation as a tracking point. you just need a little patience

Worse case scenario, i think you might be able to get basic rotation tracking with just 3 or 4 points and some trigonometry, might even be able to calculate rough 3d position as well. It’s not automated though (at least setting it up; afterwards the drivers would be doing the math for you, you just need to specify what they should be doing).

Depending on the the camera and the scene though, you might have big issues with lens distortion; and perspective distortion might need to be accounted for as well.

I do not want to get in trouble but I had to use a little voodoo. Hehe hoho. Im sure others can do it but I cant make a track where the head turns around completely and all original markers go from view with blender. Voodoo camera tracker is a little more automatic. I did need to mask all but the head.

thanks for the suggestions. Since I’m the individual is a little far away from the camera, tracking is proving to be a little difficult. what if I put large white spots on my face before putting down the black dots with a sharpie? do you think the contrast would make an easier track?

also, any good tutorials on voodoo? I watched some but had no idea what it was…

Yep, more contrast makes it easier to track. And since you haven’t shot it yet, add more points so that there will always be at least eight points visible from any direction, and perhaps even put on a cap and tape some pieces of paper in it to get trackable points even past the hair line (might even let you track from behind). And try to keep a straight face the whole time to avoid distorting the pattern on the skin.