Should I keep Going?

Recently i Have been Making Video Tours of Blender 2.5, even when 2.5 was alittle green and purple baby, but in recent times, my tours don’t seem to have the pulling power and many are not bothering anymore. I make these tours for you the community, not for those outside, i couldn’t care less

whats worse is that other people are trying to do their own saying oh i’ll cover the UI, thats nice but there is alot more to it then that and are far from comprehensive. and making lists of what works and what dosn’t, why do we have this is it really needed, blah blah blah, sometimes i wonder why i even bother

So what i am asking is do you really and i mean really want me to keep making this tours and doing tests and experiments?

btw I truly appreciate all the feedback and praise i have gotten and i love it all :slight_smile:

Interesting conundrum you have there. I for one enjoy them although I have not watched every last one of them. If it covers and area of Blender I’m more likely to use then I’m more likely to download it. Guessing most people have similar thoughts.

Perhaps a break is in order. I can tell that planning these things out to be in depth (ie not just “the new UI can do blah”) and actually cover the new workings and features of 2.5 would take a lot of effort from you. Especially seeing as you have a full time job outside of Blender from what I understand.

Maybe if you were to take a month or so off, enjoy your weekends a bit more and come back to the tours fresh if you feel the desire to share them.

I’m a bit hesitant to suggest polls for what people want to see in future tours, because often it’s the stuff we don’t even know is there yet that can be the most interesting.

So I’m not sure if I answered your question at all, but at least I’ll thank you for the tours you have made up to this point! Kudos! :ba:

I think your tours are great! (And it’s always funny and very authentic when something isn’t working the way it should :D) But if you have the feeling the most people don’t bother, then just stop. It’s your precious time you put in recording these tours - so if you feel like wasting your time then stop. Time is money :rolleyes:.

In fact I’m really sad that I cannot watch your newest tours because my soundcard is broken >.<! I was totally freaking out ._. Soundcard’s broken and all of a sudden you bring 2 or 3 new tours -.- ;D

Yes, please.
But would really appreciate it if you could cut down the size, preferably to less than 50MB. 100+ is no joke to download - even when I go to a cybercafe with (normally) faster download speed.
And time is a bit tight, now; definitely will be downloading when I get the time.

The reason you don’t see so many download stats is that people are watching the vimeo version becaue it is more accessible than a .ogg video.

Please continue, you’re doing real good :slight_smile:

i think the more focused videos are great… maybe just stop worrying about the smaller features and focus on cool new features. like durian developments, particles… the upcoming SPH etc :slight_smile:

I’ve watched all your tours, and I’m really happy you do so !

About it’s popularity, I think these videos are adressed to followers of blender’s dev, mainly because of their length I think. I know you could not be shorter about your explainations, but still…

Please continue anyway Michael :slight_smile:

personally i would be more than glad if you would continue your 2.5 tours.
i think it’s one of the most convenient ways to keep up with all the changes and features coming to blender.
watching your videos i don’t have to dig through mailing-lists, commit-logs etc. that much.

so please, if you don’t mind, continue with you tours

Definitely keep it up. I watch every tour thought i would like them to be more organized and planned to shorten them. It’s not very pleasant to watch someone searching trying a feature thats not implemented or setting up the screen to show something in the outliner etc… For this you should use screens and scenes, and be aware of how a feature works before you record the session to cut down the time you need to explain it.

i also like your tours a lot but i also think that maybe a break is in order. you have covered a lot already and it would be kind of nice if it were really noticeable in the next one what got polished in the meantime in the gui and so on.

Go on. I do personaly like the videos, as they let me have a sneak peek into the development.
…and don’t underestimate the opinions of other people, just be sure to know how important/irrelevant they are… Cheers.

Hey Michael, care for some useful feedback rather than “fantastic videos” comments?
Here’s my honest opinion:

First of all, it’s great that you bother to do this for people who can’t compile & use Blender 2.5 test versions for themselves yet, this gives them a great insight to the development and progress of 2.5, so by all means keep doing it.

But you could improve your videos in the following areas:

  1. Try all the features you plan to demo in the video, before you record the video. I’ve seen a bunch of your videos, and very often - you try stuff on the fly, telling us that you haven’t tried that, and that it didn’t work as expected etc. this seems a bit “oh, he’s making a demo video, and he haven’t even tried it before himself” like…if you catch my drift?

  2. If you make many mistakes, import the video into blender, cut & edit the mistakes out, it’s alright to have a few mistakes, everyone can live with that, but if you do it 25+ percent of the video, it becomes more annoying than charming.

  3. Speak louder, sometimes your voice nearly vanishes, and not everyone is accustomed to your charming Aussie accent (which I really dig, btw) :wink:

If you follow these simple steps, you videos will rock the world even more than they did before, and I bet they’re truly helpful to a lot just as indicated in this thread, but everyone can improve.

Since I am living in Japan, far away from my beloved country… (weeps) I think these are great, since you have one of the thickest Aussie accents I have heard in a long time and to finally listen to something that was recorded in the Aussie tongue just makes my bloody day mate!

Back to topic, as for your concern, if you think you are wasting your time then stop, personally I myself am benefiting greatly from these, as to know where things are now, and how things have been simplified or need a different approach than before.

I do agree that if you had time to sit down and work somethings out to make your presentation clearer would be a bonus, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

You are also a dev. so I am even more fascinated by your generosity

thank you.

I feel they serve more than just a show and tell, but also a bit of learning in them, but I think you should space them out a bit…this is probably why the draw has slowed.
BTW: You are doing everyone a favor by doing this, and I am very appreciative.

I think the videos are great and absolutely essential for keeping up with 2.5 development. As someone who likes to create Blender tutorials, I find them a great asset during a time when there’s very little documentation. So, definitely keep doing them, but only if you love doing it. If it’s starting to feel like a bit of a chore, it may be time for a break.

Also, as already mentioned, a little bit of planning and some minor editing will make them even better.

As a website admin, I can tell you that oftentimes you wonder “why in hell am I doing this?!”. You put your heart into something and then post it, …and you get no comments at all. You wonder “Is my rss feed broken?”, “does the video suck?”, etc. I don’t have any real answer as to why things happen like that, but you just have to keep going at it…as long as you enjoy doing it.

Thx, for the explosion modifier demo on your site, good intro

You are doing a great job - keep it up.

I think a format like vimeo would make people more apt to follow.

I think Ben is right, take some time off- but only to starve the audience!

Plus keep it a bit more short, just show off the features a bit, not go through what every setting does. People have short attention spans, and can check out the wiki if they want to know all that stuff.
Personally I look forward to watching the tours, I hope you keep at it, and appreciate all your efforts thus far.

Depends on whether you want to do them or not :stuck_out_tongue: Since your previous videos were pretty much about the “new features”, they’ve kinda lost their “sneak peek”-ey appeal. Perhaps you should steer that more towards actual tutorials, or why not help out with rewriting the manual for 2.50?

Thank you all for your kind words, really warms my heart :slight_smile:

firstly i can’t plan these because i don’t have the time anymore (work from 9am-5pm go to bed at 9pm), i do these on the spur of the moment like “Oh i finally have some free time and alot has been done on 2.5,time for another tour”,

i really can’t edit these as recordmydesktop makes unusual .ogv’s, the volume level i cannot help as its just my crappy mic

i can’t take time off as last time i did, many people crying to me demanding another video and i really felt i was letting everyone down. (guess im too kind for my own good :o )

so thanks to the enormous response and reassurance that my vids are actually watched and used i will keep going

thank you all again :slight_smile:

PS, Not set in stone yet but i have been asked to tech edit a 2.5 book :wink: