Should I Key All Rig Controls at Each Key and Extreme Poses or Not?

I usually key all rig controls at each key and extreme poses of a character animation,

But I saw some character animators just used auto-key feature to key several rig controls for each of their key and extreme poses, then they inspected the previous keyframe to check whether more rig controls have to be keyed or not.

Which keying method do you guys usually use?

Hi, it depends on the type of animations i do, for instance when i do a walk cycle i only animate the legs/feet,Arms/hands/and torso controls, i normally use the auto key that way i don’t forget to create a keyframe but sometimes when i want a specific key frame for say rotation only i switch the auto off and insert a keyframe for rotation only.
The creation of keyframes on control objects that will never be used in the animation will only clutter the graph editor and possibly(not sure about this) will slow the computer?

Makes sense