Should I learn Unity or Unreal?

It’s time for me to devote some time into learning a game engine. The question is which one?

Here’s my (very personal) pros and cons list



  1. Good for more kinds of games : 2d, phone, browser… particularly good for me as I’m not much of a gamer.
  2. I have worked with a company that used unity last year.


  1. I would have to use C# and I’m not much of a coder (though I have done a fair bit of Acorn BASIC and Actionscript)



  1. I’m seeing it a lot more in job adverts.
  2. Has nodes on materials
  3. Can do more without code
  4. Looks easier to learn.


  1. Less good for 2d, mobile, Browser, etc.

Both look about the same for AR.

Help me, guys! What’s everyone’s experience of the two engines?

Depending on which role in a pipeline you are taking you woudn’t need to learn either of both. Yet Unreal has far more learning resources, YouTube videos, free assets including all Quixel props, which is something to consider. There’s some resources showing exactly job description and which software is needed.

Careers guide:

At some point they both requires coding. I would see some jobs descriptions, check which one is more required and jump start.