Should I learn version 2.3, or 2.4?

I just received my new Blender 2.3 Guide today, with installation disk version 2.32. I’m wondering which version of Blender I should set about learning. I’m brand new to 3D.

So far I’ve worked through a few tutorials using version 2.4, and here and there things seem to be a little different in the new interface than the turorial. I got to thinking that maybe I should just go ahead and learn the earlier version.

Any thoughts? How much better is 2.4?

I’m not going to be a power user for a long, long time, so does it make any difference?

Thank you.

Stick with 2.37a until you are going to animate with armatures. Than change. But I think this will take you only two weeks or so :wink:

Just start with 2.40. Since you’re new to blender it doesn’t matter if you start with 2.37 or 2.40. In addition to the Blender 2.3 book you should read (or look through) the release logs from 2.31 to 2.40, since there have been a lot of changes and additions:

tough call. if you have some 3d background jump into 2.4 But if you are going to be relaying on documentaion 2.37 has better documentation for now.


This is the wrong thread to make version number mistakes. %|

just start with 2.40, you will need to learn it anyway, and if there are some differences in interface between 2.37a and 2.40, then by having to translate between 2.3 and 2.4, you will learn the interface better. Besides, the interface changed more between 2.32 and 2.37a than it did between 2.37a and 2.40.

from 2.40 Blender uses modifier paradigm.

so: you’ll need to get used to that anyway.
2.3x series wasn’t using modifiers.

I’d reccomend to definetely start out with 2.4. You’ll be missing a lot of features that I couldn’t LIVE without with that old of a version.

I highly reccomend using a newer version. The old documentation will apply to a new version just fine…

I also recently purchased the blender 2.3 guide and am having trouble finding some things in the new interface. One was subsurfs which I managed to find with some searches. It is now a constraint under the F9 menu in the Modifiers tab. (That’s for the benefit of others reading this)

But I can’t find a Mesh Tools panel anywhere. Specifically I want to try the Spin Dup mentioned in Chapter 4. Where is this tool in 2.4. I also looked in 2.36 and could not find it there. :-? (edit- I probably did not go into edit mode on 2.36. dont remember now.)

Its under Editing(f9) but its only there when you’re in edit mode in the 3D window. to get to edit mode, simply hit TAB with your cursor in the 3D window

It was behind another panel. I’m using an alpha version of 2.40 for amd64 and maybe that has something to do with it. i only saw it because the two panels were drawing over each other with some transaprent effects. like when you move a panel except I wasn’t moving them. I used the horizontal panel alignment to spread them all out.

I looked at the release logs, but as an utter newbie they are mostly greek to me… I guess what would be helpful is to be able to find some sort of “newbie’s guide to the changes in the interface”, or something like that…

As with the post by moreejt and also another current thread, it was the search for subsurf that got me thinking about this.

Anyway, I’m going with 2.4, and I now know where to go with questions.

Thanks again!

for quick answers about these differences you can always go on irc


people are usually more than willing to help new users overcome such issues.

Try to use 2.4 and if you wonder anything ask here.