Should I make a game or animation?

Ok I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while but here is why. Alright where do I start. Well about a month ago I moved to my new house and then went on vacation. I couldn’t post on vacation. A week later we come back to my house only to find it with out electricity and I had just got my new computer. so for a few days we stay at my grandparents house. then when we electricity again we don’t have the internet. So we just got the wireless but we still don’t have actual internet.

But now I would like to see who thinks I should make an animation or a game.

Well, it depends on what ideas you have in your mind, cant say what you’re thinking so cant say which one.

I was planning on making legos crawling through an air vent for an animation. And a medieval or fps game.

Do both, I find it easier to have more than one project. I’d say start the animation, then when you start getting tired, start the game. Set reasonable goals for both for a week every week. Like this week I will model half of my legos and the main character for my game. Next week I’ll finish the rest of my legos and start on other game characters, and so on.
Or this week I will model all of my legos and start the environment and next week I will model most of the characters for the game. Whichever is best for you.

Keep up the good work,

I wanna play an FPS!!!

It would be cool to make a fps but I’ll be honest I don’t really know how to.

You could make a medieval fps game with alot of cutscenes :eyebrowlift:

Also i voted game because you have fun playing in it after…its harder then animation with all the trix.

I like animation.

Make a in-game animation. Or an intro cut scene to your game.

Yes, excellent idea. But first you have to figure out how to how to play video in the BGE - I hear there is software to that effect, but I have never used it so I cannot say for certain.

Yeah, also with the game idea I would need a lot of help because I haven’t done much with BGE.

Making a game involves animating, so I say make a game. That way you will learn how to do both.

If you really have to ask other people what to think of it, than my answer would be neither.
If you really want to make a game or animation, just do it.

For now, I would recommend a walk in the park, it might give you some fresh ideas.

make a tern-based RPG

I have no clue how to make anything turn base.

I’d take your advice but it is raining so I guess I’ll do that tomorrow.

Welcome back to the forum!

Thats the downside to blender, So much creativity in the hands
of the common man that the common man don’t know where
to start.

But I say definitely make a game! Anything but a FPS though…
how about a 2d side scrolling adventure exploration game. That
would be cool.

Iv been wanting to join up on a team…For a game…I have a couple low poly crappy looking models…So if you make a game…Ill for sure join it.

I suggest you make the legos crawling through ductwork. If it’s good, I might watch it. :smiley: