Should I merge Two meshes in One?

I’m modeling a car. Each part of car, currently, have own mesh. I thought, it was a good way to do things :wink: But now, I have confronted with problem of holes between meshed. In edit mode -> there are NO holes, but there are holes after rendering.

What should I do now? Merge (Ctrl+J) two meshes in one big mesh and then enable snapping (Shift+Tab) and snap one vertex to another?

Seems that everyone faces this problem time after time :wink: So, I’m waiting a good and beatiful solution :wink:

P.S. I’m using Subsurf :wink:

I suppose the reason there are holes is because it is subsurfed… but you can make edges sharper by adding edge loops ctrl-r along the outside edge… or select an edge and shift-e to sharpen it and keep it from smoothing the sharpen value is also under the N pannel so you can reset it…

The Subsurf panel has two level settings, one, called simply Level, is the level you see when editing the mesh. The other, called Render Level, is the level it will be rendered with. Subsurf tends to shrink meshes, the higher the level, the more the shrinkage. So, if the Render Level is higher than the editing Level, you’ll get holes between separate meshes. (If it’s lower, you’ll have the opposite problem.)

Orinoco, they are equal: 2 and 2 :wink:

Personally from what I see in the image, I’d be welding those areas together.