Should I model using multiple meshes or just one?!!!

Well, I have been modeling for about 3 months, but I have one big question. I use the same technique as the one that Jonathan Williamson uses in his “Character Development in Blender2.5” book. The thing with this technique is that it separates sections of the models in different meshes.(i.e. head is a mesh, cloth is another mesh, hands, etc…). I think it makes things easier when focusing on a certain area. However, it makes it a bit more time consuming and longer for stuff like mapping, texturing, baking, etc…, cuz I have to make them one by one. So my question is, should I model in a single mesh, or should I keep doing it with multiple. Also, if you guys give me some pointers on efficient techniques for basic character modeling, I will greatly appreciate it, as I am still very noob.

cheers =D

Mapping textures is (almost) always easier with different objects, complex objects can be a b*tch to UV unwrap. But all this is a choice you make based on what you need to do with the model, it all comes into play, how detailed the model need to be, distance to the camera/size in view, is it a character to be rigged for IK, all that…

So there’s just no simple answer… If this is something you’re doing to teach yourself 3D/modelling it’s of course not a bad way, doing a very complex project, but if it’s to hard, one can loose interest… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yea I am teaching myself through books and tutorials. I use multiple meshes for different objects and I find that a lot easier and more flexible, but it sometimes take a bit long to do.