Should I move orbit lower? Looks right in orthographic, wrong in perspective

And from the left side.

You should move the orbits a little lower. In the Loomis Head for example the eyebrows align with the top of the ears. Example:

I did move the orbit lower. I’ll show a screen shot when I can get my computer back again. The rain has done something to the power.

The updated head of the model. Now I think the middle of the head should be more narrow.
I had the model on my laptop, i used this for the screenshot.

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I don’t know what your end goal is here, and I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, but: Use references! Especially if newer to sculpting. Simply having a front and side view roughly aligned makes getting things in the right place so much easier.

Winging it achieves little to nothing for something like this.

I’d also say, keep your initial sculpt relatively low res until you’re confident you have things more or less where they need to be. It makes keeping things smooth easier too.

With sculpting, use a mix of Orpho and Persp aswell. In the your N panel, go to view and set your focal length to something high. The 100-200 range is normally ideal.

This video - though in Z-Brush - is incredibly helpful:

Give it a watch if you like…

Nice work! The eyes are a lot better now. I don’t think that the head should be narrower but you can change the head position a little and also the size of the head. I created a mock-up in Photoshop for you:


And, as @Magnavis wrote: use references. They are extremely helpful in the placement of the features and as a guide to the head’s proportions.

Looking forward to see the result of this sculpt.

  • Size of the ear, NOT the size of the head.

What I did here is close the jaw after rigging the model. I still need to resize the ear, but I did shape it up a bit. Now with the jaw closed, Looks like the orbit is too low.

The orbit was moved, and I resized the ear.

I think I need to spend some time just doing portraits.

It’s getting better. The head position is a little off though, the jaw is protruding too much from the neck and you can reposition the ear. I drew some guidelines to show you what I mean:

Also, as a tip, wait to rig your model after you finish sculpting (and retopologizing) :slight_smile:

More adjustments made.
It’s why I should have used references.

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Every time you post there’s improvement. Keep modelling, maybe try to sculpt another head from the beginning, watch tutorials, find references and learn as much as you can! And keep posting your progress! :smiley:

I decided to block in the face and start over. This time using references.


Very difficult time with eyes. And they could use better form. Trying to make the eyes from the references made me want to sculpt a skull. I have drawn them before, but I think I can learn more from sculpting one. I really want to pay attention to the orbit.

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Did you watch the video I posted above? I think it will really help you with the basics.

I did watch. I will try and do the eyes using what he used next time. I wonder if zbrush is just this better tool, or does he have good technique. I noticed he using what looks like voxels. So maybe I should be using voxels. Maybe voxels after the rough is made, which was suggested by other artists.

what are you using currently? Dynotopo?

Yeah I think it’s the technique rather than the capabilities. I’d suggest just going through that video, pausing it, and following as closely as you can. Understanding what tools to use, and when also helps. I normally use the draw, clay strips, and crease. Occasionally pinch. Grab is the most useful. Making sure your smooth brush isn’t too strong is also important.

With practice, you’ll get the hang of it. You’re not far off now honestly. Just need to work on the more basic proportions. I’d also recommend a program called PureRef for reference images to. Much better than using a Image Viewer window in Blender.

Dyntopo is what i’m using. I’m trying to learn to use dyntopo for block in form, then use voxels for details. I only recently learned about voxels. I had assumed dyntopo is what all software used. I like dynamic topology better, even if the performance is not as good.

I changed the shape of the orbit.

EDIT: I understand why voxels would have to be used for very fine details.