Should I post in my portfolio (Artstation) my daily warmups, block outs and drafts?

Sometimes i don’t feel like i want to do something big, so i try to do tiny simple models on daily basis just to not forget how to 3D. Should I post it somewhere just to show that i do at least something, or it’s better get myself together and begin to do my big personal projects faster?

Last I read, Artstation limits the amount of data you can upload unless you buy a pro account.

If you’re doing this work in Blender, you can always start a sketchbook thread here on BA.

OF COURSE I do it in Blender. But mostly I curious, should i really do it? Maybe if potential employer will see it it’ll only make it worse for me?
And can I point to this sketchbook in AS?

An employer won’t go searching through your sketchbook unless you link it.

Here would be a great place. Just put all your stuff in works in progress. Or finished. Then put your bigger portfolio work on a more common space like Art Station or something.

It is good to get feedback and help here.

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Artstation has a paid feature to disable displaying certain categories in your portfolio.

If you don’t want to pay just for that, you can just put all your sketches, daily modelling and stuff in one project (and describe that clearly in the description).

I prefer to upload only portfolio-worthy stuff in Artstation but that’s just a personal preference.

I do sh***ton of modeling every day but it’s just for fun, relaxation and practice. I flip it sometimes on discord when I would like to share it but that doesn’t prove my actual skill. Because usually it’s just a fragment of what I can do. So sketches should always stay on forums/ discords, it’s where you will get love from other members and won’t risk not getting employed from something mediocre you did just for fun… Artstation and official portfolio sites should be for portfolio, it is where people will search for your work if they are interested in collaborating with you. (don’t mind mine it’s outdated)

And if you want to do a personal project and it’s not something you did before don’t go large scale. Do a small one, then another one. Then another one. But make it polished, best what you can do, basically show off, and use that as portfolio piece.

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