Should I update

I have Ubuntu dapper and I just bought an Ubuntu edgy release cd. I try to upgrade it from the cdrom, but it say my system is up to date. Should I just reinstall with the edgy cd or keep what I got in dapper. Is it that much of an update.
I want to have the latest Ubuntu but it says my system is up to date, what should I do. Does it mean if i install the cd it’ll be the same as the Ubuntu I’ve got?

No. Install Edgy Now, unless you want long-term support (you don’t).

It’s up to you, but I’ve had more problems with edgy than dapper. More program crashes (particularly amarok, I’ve found it really unstable since I upgraded) and hangups, that sort of thing.

If it’s working fine, and you don’t need any of the new features I’d suggest leaving it.

It’s not that big an update. Although I managed to update without big hickups.

If you are going for Edgy, I recommend a clean install. Remember to backup your files just in case!

Besides Feisty Fawn should come out in a few months so that might be worth the wait.