Should I use postnuke?

I kind of like the way my site looks now, but I think I might want to use phpnuke or postnuke for my site to make it easier to update. What should I do?
here’s my site:

I’ve been less-than-impressed with Postnuke. There are lots of content-management systems out there, and many web-hosting companies provide one (making theirs somewhat easier to use).

What you want to find is one that isn’t a half-finished kit. It may well be that buying one will be better than getting something “free” from sourceforge, if you get real support in the bargain. Blender, really, is a marvelous exception-to-the-rule imho. I tried to use PhpWebsite on a project and … wound up rewriting fully one-fourth of it.

what about php-nuke?

well for me post nuke is a very major consideration for my next website.

you see “Gallery” the software can be incorperated into a nuked website witha bit of tweaking to provide a damn nice website with some solid functionality.

but if i wanted to do that i would need to learn some new stuff so i might not, either that or i would pay someone to do it for me.


For some reason I can still not see a single picture on your site… I just get a page full of annoying rectangles with little red crosses in the corners.

I’m using a current version of IE… should work. The exact same thing happens in NN… and I usually never have any problems.

That’s odd…do your browsers support PNGs?

Same here, and I’m running Mozilla (Firefox)