Should i wait?

Howdy yall’ :smiley:

I need some advice. See, i started working with blender about a year and a half ago, I took a class with it at school. I kind of got into it, but i was not the best. I stopped using it after the class, and I can remember some, but not a lot. But now, i really want to learn everything about blender and become a good 3D artist (just like all of yall out there on this forum. I gotta hand it to yall, some of the stuff you do is amazing. it seams like you guys could be professionals :yes:)

But anyways, my main question is, should i wait? I want to buy a couple books and do tutorials and all that, but do you think i should wait until 2.5 comes out and really get working with the new interface, or is it fine to start learning with 2.49 and make the adjustment?

B.T.W. sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot i could not really decide where this question would go on this forum :o


I think you should start right away. You will have the time to learn a lot until 2.5 comes out. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If you’re in the mood, don’t lose it

Ditto that.

As different as 2.5 could be from 2.49x, basic concepts will remain unchanged. So don’t wait a second!