Should I?

I know you guys get a crap load of…well, crap about people want to make games and I really don’t wanna do that. So question: Do you think i should attempt a game? My Texturing isn’t great (in fact its pretty horrible) but I can model static meshes decently.
Should I polish my skills or dig in?



Depends how dedicated you are. It takes years to make a complete game, and thats if you’re working full time on it. I’d suggest coming up with a small project, like making a race-able car and scan the forums on how to do that. Any question you could possibly think of has already been answered somewhere in here. Keep in mind that just because something may not to exactly what you want it too doesn’t mean it can’t be modified. I once turned a UV animation script into something similar to a powerpoint show just by changing some variables.

Remember, start small. Play. Explore. And have fun!

You don’t need python to make fun little simulations.

Honestly, game development and modeling/animating/texturing is a whole different subject. Sure, some of the knowledge from the other forms of 3D are useful for game developement (especially when you are working purely with code such as with OGRE or Crystal Space). But when working with a game engine as flexible and graphical as BGE, there isn’t much of a reason to stay away from it. Also, there are plenty of good, fun games that don’t have the best graphics. If you have a good idea, try prototyping some things. If you have a full (or even partially) working game with fun gameplay that just needs nicer art work to complete, I am sure you would be able to find some people willing to help you.

If you don’t have a great idea to commit to, do some “friday projects”. Basically do a basic project on a friday night. You’ll probably only have time to get the very basics of a single character and enviornment, but you’ll learn and get ideas. And, it may turn into something bigger.