Should joystick support be emplemented?

I don’t know how hard it’d be to put in joystick support for the game engine, but I think it’d be an awesome feature to have, anyone thinking the same?

I love joysticks, because they allow for a variety of different motions rather than… left… right… forward… up… down

you can have a lot more mobilty and control wif joysticks, and it’d be awesome for any flying game- or mech or whatever :smiley:


yeah, but how would you implement it?

The logic brick structure would have to be rebuilt to allow varible inputs

what I am thinking is certain sensors will have binary (true false) output, others will have variable output (from -1.0 to 1.0?). There would be a brick that is kind of an interval sensor, that converts variable input to binary. AND and OR controllers can only accept binary input. Of course we probably should be more flexible and allow sensors to go directly to actuators. Now, some actuators could have varible input, though I guess mostly that would be the motion actuator. Would a variable motion actuator be different from a current motion actuator? What kind of ui would be required to make a varible motion controller variable (would it’s values be multipled by the input value? I guess that could work)

a joystick sensor would probably have multiple variale outputs, one for each axis. Would it also have binary outputs for the buttons (or would that be another sensor)

and possibly converters that change values, for example to output one axis, but with a dead zone.

and then how do you make all this stuff so that it can be reconfigured at runtime (user defined controls)?

(at first it would not be a good idea to consider the force feedback and vibratation functionality of current controllers because it seems only implemented reasonably in windows [or in a specfic game console manner, I.E. IIRC the ps2 has only 2 vibration speeds (and off)]

of course python controllers ought to be able to take both p

hmm… Maybe a logic brick for each axis… we cannot have it control all three in one brick, or it’d be unreasonable, and we couldn’t program it right…

I’m sure to detect the input of one axis coming from the joystick (or button from the joystick) wouldn’t be too hard…

but then again, I wouldn’t know, so I’m not implying anything-
If enough work was put in, we could have joystick support just like every single other 3D computer game out there (not every, but any recent one)

but programming an interval for different amounts of data… it seems to get real confusing after a while


I think that´s very important for the competitivity of the game engine. Without it, the games are born kind of outdated.

Alexandre Rangel

Joysticks! should we have them in gameblender

an interesting poll question, considering that at the moment, we don’t even have a game blender!

Let’s get our priorities straight.

  1. bring back game blender
  2. add joystick support

If someone is re-coding a game engine anyway, this should definitely be supported.

quailman, when they bring it back, if it is implemented… then we’ll have both… two birds with one stone, get my meanin’?