Should Project Krypton continue? (Poll)

It seems there is no public interest on this thread. I am wondering if I should drop the thread and do it all on my own, with no thread on here. What do you all think?

So the question is: Should Project Krypton continue posting about their work, or should we drop the thread and do it all on

I would first concentrate on Ayleth of Ravenswood but that’s just my opinion.

Im not on that team anymore… My job is done. The modeling part is pretty much over.


I said no, because if you keep it away from the viewers and work on it with your team and not tell us, it would be much easier for you to get more publicity once it’s finished.

If people see something in WIP section for a long time, they will get bored after 1 month and not follow it. When you release the game, not much people will play it :confused:

It gets boring to follow threads unless it’s something really cool, like just finished the game and adding new features. Or MMORPG complete adding new weapons, things like that. When a project is just getting started, it’s boring, no lie. All threads are boring, even mine, why do you think I haven’t made a thread yet?

I’d now rather people see the game finished than in Work in progress for 2 years :confused:

Also, if you do work on it on your website, MAKE SURE to make a blog. That would be great for people who want to see the progress on making of the game, while not having to wait 2 months for another major update…

I hope I didn’t offend you :confused:


No offense taken. I see your point. :yes: And I do have a forum where I will post my progress (weekly)


Besides, you mustn’t feed on public opinion. You should have your own schedule and planning and work accordingly. Normally you should update finished features to get people’s attention. Normally new working systems are more attractive than a main character model/animation/textures… Most of what can be said is: it looks cool, keep it up…
So sculpt your game up to let us know what you’re capable of; not what we think about it!

I am thinking about keeping it on BlenderArtists and only doing weekly updates (like Cylcon)