Should someone be allowed to own the moon?

I came across the post about trademarks on English words and phrases and it brought back memories of the guy who laid claim to the moon:

Do people think it’s right to claim ownership of a planet? I bet he’s making a lot of money. Has anyone bought a piece of the moon from him? I wonder if the other planets have been claimed. If not, which planet would you claim?

Well, Technically anybody can claim anything. So whether or not its legal or accepted by the public/politicians/etc, is another question.

I guess the moon really belongs to the first microorganism on the planet that somehow used the moon to its advantage. So you would have to go back billions of years to find the original owner. I guess, assuming evolution is right that could have evolved into a human, and that would only be able to tell through genetic profiling of the original owner versus the current owner. So because most of this isn’t likely to happen, the moon belongs to everybody on the planet, since everybody on the planet relies on it in some way to provide them life.

Assuming the moon is 152 million km in surface area. And that there are around 6 billion people on the earth, that gives us that each person owns about .02 km of the moon. Thats assuming that government doesn’t claim more and that the population of the earth is static, otherwise if the population is growing you will lose more land.

I kind of went out on a limb here, but oh well, I was bored.

I don’t really think governments are going to put up with him when he sues them for building a lunar base on sold land. Think about it. Is it really likely that people are going to indulge this guy who supposedly owns the moon and most of everything else?

Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Even if you owened a piece of the moon, what would you do with it? Fly there and build a house? I don’t think so!

I think anyone who buys a piece of the moon is totally loony.


I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that the Earth belongs to me, now get off my property. Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

Lol, niiice, can I be your body gaurd? So…could I claim pluto? I mean…I have the right to don’t I? I claim the galaxy next to ourS! You can’t stop me!

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Come on guys, you know you can’t buy the Earth. Besides, planets would cost billions (and you couldn’t go to them, either).

Psh, I could fuse with light like blackmages post:

And I could fly at the speed of light to my planet, and put a flag up saying that its mine! And then everyone would buy land from me, and I would be rich :smiley:

you can defend somthing then its yours :wink:

america could claim Iraq if they could defend it.

i could walk into the local shop and claim it as long as i could defend it…

the moon could be claimed as long as someone can defend it.



I say that you can’t buy lands on the moon befor a normal and orginized way of transportation adn acomidation on the moon will be invented. once that will happen this whole, scuse me - BS, of moon buying stuff will crumble.

I think we should start an army and take over the world and the governments that own it…It belongs to the people! We live in a world of chaos, and it should be provoked!

aner if you buy land on the moon right?

can you defend it?


alltaken: the “raelly” was intented for you the rest was my answer to the thread question. cause I can give a lot of places that are being defended yet somone decided they don’t belong to the defendors.

yeah i can too.

but lets put it this way.

defending against people who don’t think it belongs to you, is part of the defence process.

for example Isreal is currently in a position of defending its current situation and land from both palistinians, and the rest of the world.

just because you can defend somthing doesn’t necisarily mean that others will accet your ownership.

for example lets say the soviets claim the moon and send up an army of space men to defend it. the US, the UN, Europe, China, India and all other countries will probably protest on it.

but as long as the soviets remain in posession of it, or in a position to physically defend it, they own it. doesn’t mean the other countries accept it as ownership.

ever heard the saying that

possesion is nine tenths of the law.

for example with your country, i feel that it is holding some land illegally, but currently it is defending it and is in possession fo the land, as long as it can continue to defend against people that migth want to take it back, or hold off the opinions of people like me, then it will remain in possession of that land, whether or not people feel that they don’t own it.


Noone can claim the moon (United Nations COPOUS treaty and numerous resolutions) and a competent court of record would uphold this. The claim that Mr. Hope is using is based on the idea that the treaties only apply to governments and not individuals. However, the original treaty from 1967 explicity references earlier treaties in the that the moon is to be treated like the high seas; free and accessible to all. Earlier international courts have already ruled on the freedom of the seas so the treaty most certainly does cover individuals as well.

EDIT: Of course if some court does allow his claim, then:

LET IT BE KNOWN: I hereby claim ownship of the area of the planet Earth commonly referred to as “The High Seas” and consisting of all oceans and bodies of water including all land beneath the surface and airspace governed by same not otherwise claimed by current national interest as of Midnight, July 8, 2004 GMT.

agreed :smiley: … just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, its kind of like taking candy from a baby…You can take it from the baby…and its yours…because the baby can’t do anything about it. But then the dad comes along, and blows your head of with a 12-gage shotgun, and now its the baby’s again :smiley:

sad truth


if they put a mcdonalds or something on the moon i will be pissed.