Should the animation challenge carry on?

Do you think that the animation challenge should carry on going, AND would you enter?

(more info in this thread:

I think the challenges are great fun. But that said, I’ve not entered any in ages, and doubt I’ll have the time. I’d say… as long as someone wants to keep track of the stuff, maintain it… and people take part, then why the heck not.

So… if you want to keep going, then cool… if you don’t because very little is happening, I doubt anyone would blame you.

A decent still image can take weeks to develop. To do an animation in a short time frame is unrealistic and will only encourage poor quality. What might be more worthwhile is to offer a fairly decent rigged figure and challenge participants to perform a specific action. That way it is truly animation specific; not modeling, texturing, etc. The challenge could be shape or rig based in order to provide some variety. It could involve object movement along a path, the use of targets in animation, texture animation.

To put all this in simple terms, make the challenge animation specific and provide a limiting, preset framework within which the action takes place. It should be something an on-the-go person can fit into their recreation time without taking over their life.

There are plenty of decent still images produced for the weekend challenges (I think a deadline of 4 days), so 4 weeks is not completely an out-of-reach timeframe for a short animation. Plus it’s good to have deadlines, to prepare us for working to tight deadlines in Pixar :p…

There are already several “pre-rigged” characters that are linked to in the animation challenge threads, it’s the user’s decision which one to use (or whether to use his/her own)… So it is animation focused!

I think to just get the character to perform one specific action is maybe a bit too basic/boring (not sure if I’ve got what you meant, but I imagine things like “picking up a cup” or “sitting down”) - animating to a short soundclip or a specific situation, e.g. running away from a rhino (whatever!) allows much more creativity in the “acting” of the character. Just my opinion of course!