Should the number of feature options be streamlined ?

The more that goes into blender the more and more it gets messy and clurttered. Already in CVS is a mess of new things but where to put it ad where to find it starts to get troublesome. More menus more buttons more more more stuff to sift through or just to take up space and file size…

Drama? Do you ever use everything ? Where will the next round of tools go?

Should the number of people posting essentially rhetorical questions just to make a point be streamlined?

The more that goes into blender the more and more it gets messy and clurttered.

Older versions of Blender are always available. You can find the one whose feature limitations suit you and use that one.

yes they should, and no pointing it out will not reduce the options.

Define streamlining.


no they shouldnt i discover new hotekys everyday the more the better i say the user interface is a lot easier to understand then the first blender where there was no user freindly buttons and info

:smiley: Blender is already streamlined. I mean try trueSpace for crying out loud, or Maya, or Lightwave, or C4D, or 3ds Max, mwaaah… :smiley: If you want streamlined apps, split features. For modeling, get Hex or Wings for starters. OR Blender. MOI for nurbs. For rendering, use Blender. haha… talk about streamline. Blender is probably the most streamlined 3d package you could ever find.

I think the Blender source code could be more modulated so that updates are easier. Maya for example separates the subdiv code and the nurbs code into dynamic libraries. To compile Blender, more than 600 source code files have to compile together. Whereas if the components were separate, people could update separate modules and then a Blender update is easier. Similarly, a C-based plugin architecture would make updates easier but those things would require a great deal of work. I don’t want to see it reach a stage where the code becomes unmanageable and with few developers and over 500,000 lines of code, that is a possibility.

However, it’s easy to say things like ‘make it faster’, ‘make it more streamlined’ as if somehow those statements contain magical powers that actually make it happen. The Blender developers know what they are doing and make Blender as good as they can so I don’t think these ambiguous threads really help in any way. If you’d said make Blender more streamlined by moving some parts of the code here and there or removing redundancy then it might be interesting but in that case more suitable for the site.

More features, but streamlined…