Should the weekend challenge continue????

(macouno) #1

Ok people… since in the weekend challenge forum only moderators can start a thread… I’ll do it here.

I’ll make it simple… we’ve already seen some discussion in the weekend challenge forum, but we have to make up our collective mind.

Basicly if we decide to continue with the WC we need someone to moderate it.

I said so already in a thread over there… if no one else is willing to, I’ll take the job. But I’m not itching to. I have no desire to moderate, but feel that the WC must continue.

Basicly… I’ll put this to you. It’s clear that this weekend there is not going to be a WC!!! But in case we all want the WC to continue, then we do not want too large a gap. So lets try to solve this by next weekend.

Please leave your thoughts/opinions here. And I think that we all agree that in case Ectizen changes his mind and wants to continue moderating the WC, he’s welcome to :wink:

(BgDM) #2

OK, I can honestly say that I do not have the time to moderate this, but I am willing to give some web sapce to host images, etc. i have my 50 megs of space on and I am more than happy to host images, etc., if necessary.

With that, I definitley want to see this continue. This brings out the best in all of us and lets us express ourselves on a topic that we maybe would not have even thought about. Also, it get sthe bugs out of your head as well. On many occasion I have been in the so called “artists block”, and bang, there is the WC. I get fired up and next thing you know, I am on fire and doing other blends other than the WC.

We have to, and also need to keep this going. Anyone who can help in any way, please post and let us all know.

Thanks for letting me spew.


(Grizzly69) #3

How much time does it take to moderate the WC?

I have time, but not great gobs of it. I’m not sure what all is involved in moderating the WC. I would be willing to do it, but I need an idea of everything involved.

What I don’t have is webspace.

(theeth) #4

If nobody else is willing to do it, I could moderate the WC. As long as I have a team to back me up (i.e. people that checks the validity of entries, build the archive, …) I can make the announcements.


(crazymopho) #5

Personaly i think it should be made into a month-challenge. Or what I really like more would be a competition setup like does. One made for animations, and one for stills. Plus a certain topic for a couple month period (with that much time i think we could see some amazing works created). :smiley:

(Dittohead) #6

i think it should be up to the mods.

cuz it takes up there time to put it on.

(SGT Squeaks) #7

how about a few moderators. If its too much for one person then how about a couple. I would be willing to help. I spend all day on the boards anyway.

(Jolly Gnome) #8

I agree with crazymopho, the competition should be made monthly, and (as I posted earlier) it would be cool if the competition entries were made completely with blender, without external textures (imagemaps), texture plugins or postprocessing (aside from adjusting the size, adding a name)

(haunt_house) #9

and a better voting system should be used :wink:

The weekend challenge should not only motivate the best, shouldn´t it?


(macouno) #10


Once a month would make the concept of a “weekend challenge” rather void no?

Completely blender? Well that would mean people can only try out their skills in a few areas of the blender experience. Especially since things like using image textures and such are what make blender what it is. But rules such as No image post processing, and only render in blender, wouldn’t be off.

And mopho… there are already contests in different fields… like the realtime contest running now. The WC is certainly not the only contest in the blender realm. Think of the monkeyframers for instance, or the really quick ones held in the chat.

Theeth… hehe… so you want the easy job ey? :wink:

I do think though, that something can be said for a moderator group doing this, but remember that such a thing would entail a lot of back and forth and back and forth of messages/mails between them. For clarity it would probably be best if it were a single person. And if indeed it’s a group, it might be best if it’s people that in a way, either already communicate a lot, or work together.

Just some thoughts :wink:

(IMProvisar) #11

Like Macauno said, why would a Weekend Challenge be monthly? lol

First off, I like the idea of a weekend challenge… looking at the last few WC’s (as long as I’ve been around here), some can do really amazing work over a weekend. A regular weekly challenge seems to me to have a really good flow… slow enough to get some really good work, but fast enough to be somewhat exciting. If someone isn’t interested in the topic, there’s always next week. If they finish early, it’s not too long till the next one. People who don’t monitor that forum are reminded twice weekly that there are running contests here (announcements for opening of voting, and announcements of winner and new topic).

Monthly and longer-term challenges are great too… provides more of a long-term goal that someone can really plan out and have a lot of fun doing a larger project. Also… we already have these types of contests on elYsiun. Check the “Contests” forum… the Living Mechanics contest is just about over (Sept. 30).

As for other types of contest… I think the single-render still is good for a weekend challenge. Animation, I think, is a bit beyond a weekend challenge.

Just recently Ectizen announced a change to the WC rules. If it stays around, I think those changes should stay in effect. The first Weekend Challenge of each month would be “Pure Madness”. All submissions must be pure Blender, and all-new models. (currently, for something to be considered “pure” for the weekend contest, all of the main models must be new, not recycled from other projects).

Actually, I just noticed a post in the Contest forum from Kib. I think he’s planning to devote a whole section of elYsiun to hosting contests, rather than here on the phpBB. It would include a new voting system, some more flexibility with starting new contests, and images would be hosted here on elYsiun. I love this for a couple reasons… if elYsiun is up, all the images are up, and no cut and paste… so those with poor hosting services would be on a better footing. Contests can be run for animations too… but those won’t be hosted on elYsiun for bandwidth/storage concerns…


([email protected]) #12

i agree with whoever it was that said it lol, you shouldent just have best pic, you can have best concept and best pic best overall ectbut i know thats hard to do just voting for the 1 compatition is hard to organise just trying to help and it should still be the weekend
what would i do when i finnished my moddle twiddle my thumbs 4 days is bad enuf a wait. :frowning:

(haunt_house) #13

Once a month would make the concept of a “weekend challenge” rather void no?

Weekend challenge does not mean you have to do it every weekend, does it?

(SGT Squeaks) #14

well, heres a couple of changes I would like to see done to the Weekend challenge.

  1. No more pure or open. All pics have to be done mostly in blender.

  2. No reusing models or using the 3d cafe special. Its a challenge, not a show off old models time. If you model something new each weekend then you will get better and faster.

  3. I am not sure how to do this yet, but make all the entries anonymous. That way it stays a picture contest and not a popularity contest.

(Idgas) #15

I think thats part of the fun in challenges though, haveing your name with a pic or an animation gives the maker a sence of worth. And as for popularity goes, me personally, if i don’t win then that makes me try harder the next week. IMHO

(SGT Squeaks) #16

What i was trying to say is the pics should be anonymous during the voting but when the winner is anounced then their name is also anounced. It wouldn’t be anonymous the whole time, just until voting is over.

(DreamMaster) #17

Yeah good idea. :smiley: I’ll help you moderating, but I need someone to back me up as well :smiley:

(B-headed) #18

You can accomplish the same just by having your pic with lots of votes.
Same as if your pic has 0 votes, then you can try harder without feeling embarrassed 'cause you didn’t get anything at all.

Now, you could display the name of the autor next to each pic, only when displaying the results. Also, you shouldn’t be able to see who’s winning before the voting is over.

When voting, only the pic should be shown, only when the voting is over should you be able to see who made it, and how many votes they have.

(haunt_house) #19


That is a total brilliant idea. Make the entry anonymous til the vote is over.
But afterwards, all names should be revealed.

I find it okay to hide the votes, til the voting is done. But it would be nice to show who didn´t get any vote at all, so someone can have mercy. And I wouldn´t use only one vote, but at least three.

me personally, if i don’t win then that makes me try harder the next week

then you are very lucky. Many others react differently.


(macouno) #20

anonymous??? I read the posts… but I don’t really see the reason. That would only be to safeguard against grudges and the like.

Personally I rather like the way it was set up.