Should the weekend challenge continue????

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me personally, if i don’t win then that makes me try harder the next week

then you are very lucky. Many others react differently.[/quote]

Heh, yeah. If I reacted that way, I’d be trying really hard by now :wink:

I don’t think anonymous images would make much of a difference. Many of us like to post our entries in the wip section as well just to get some last minute feedback, so it wouldn’t really be all that anonymous. And I think the system right now where you can’t see the score until after you’ve voted is good enough, why would it be better to wait until after everybody else has voted as well?
I do think that more than one vote would be good though.

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grudges exactly!!! it keeps things fair. Lets say that someone and three of his friends join elysiun and start using blender. And one of them enters the contest. That person would automatically get 3 votes from his friends because they would know his user name. But if it was totally anonymous and they didn’t know whos entry was whos then they would most likely vote for the entry they like. That way people are not voting on what person they like but what picture they like.

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Well… I wouldn’t do away with the “open” category all together. Perhaps seperate the voting, and put a little more “glory” on the pure category… have a pure and an open winner each week.

As for why why a weekend challenge should be every weekend… that means there’s always either a challenge running, or being voted on… makes for good flow. Also, everyone here, with few exceptions, has some kind of life outside of the elYsiun furums and using Blender. Not everyone is available every weekend to compete… having it every weekend gives everyone more opportunities to participate. If they miss it this week, there’s always next week, not the one a month from now. Finally, the winner of each challenge chooses the next topic. If you win, and it’s one weekend monthly, then you couldn’t participate for another 2 months after winning.

What else…

Anonymous sounds good. Obviously after voting is over, all contestants will be known. As some people like to tag their work, I may suggest putting some type of “elYsiun WC” tag on all the submissions… that way they’d all be tagged, and after voting is over, swap it out for the pic with the artist’s tag.

As for how to do it… best way I can see is e-mail submissions. Provide your e-mail, perhaps create a new account, if you want, could be [email protected]<domain>. Accept submission via e-mail, and send receipts of arrival so the contestants would be reassured you got it. Then you’d have to find a host for the pics, as people would recognize some of the contestants URLs. Then post the voting thread, listing them as A, B, C, D, etc. At the end of the voting, close the thread, and edit the post to show author’s names. Another option… use the phpBB private message system for submissions instead of e-mail.

And since you’re listening Kib, if the new elYsiun will host contests outside the BB, an anonymous option would be cool to consider.


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I like the winners in both catagories idea.

And who here doesn’t have a life? :wink:

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Doh, lol… didn’t see the second page of posts.

Sgt, the 3 friends example isn’t all that great… there’s no assurance that they don’t privately talk about it outside the forums. And what about families who Blend? Still like the idea though… but it’d never truly be anonymous.

As for posting in WIP, if the anonymous option were taken, they that’d have to be in the rules, not to publish in other forums. It’d take a little self-governance, and a little enforcement by the mods.

As for other ways to vote (such as voting best two, or best three, or even better, a weighted system, your best choice gets 3pts, second gets 2pts, third gets 1pt). Right now, we’re bound to the phpBB, and as far as I know, it only supports 1-choice voting. But, you could always talk to Kib, and volunteer to build a good multipurpose voting system (or find a freebie on the web, and volunteer to implement it).

Sighs, I’d love to volunteer… but right now I’m only a novice programmer, barely a novice at web building, and barely a novice at Blending… it sucks, I’m moving too. Glad to be going home, but my computing is gonna be so screwed up. We pack out in just over a week, leave a week later. Sometime in that last week my cable internet will be cut off, and I’ll pack my computer and mail it. On the other end, we’ll be staying at our grandparents a month or two before getting into our house. My grandfather and greatgrandfather were in legal practice together, and their small firm was one of the first in Alabama to computerize in the early 80’s or so, but he bought a Sony Vaio around 8-10 years or so ago, and said it’d probably be the last he ever bought… lol. And worse… they only have dail-up!!!


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ok, ok, I know it was a terrible example. but I was trying to get the general idea across. I know there are people on these boards who consider themselves friends but dont talk outside the forum. These are the people I am talking about.

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reluctantly raises his hand


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i with ya imp. :smiley:

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And who here doesn’t have a life?

I’m working on it :wink:


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But that’d take alot of the fun away :frowning: is it really worth it?
:x You out there who only vote for your friends, reveal yourselves so I’ll know who I shouldn’t vote for.
Or did that sound backward? :wink:

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On the anonymous thing: We have to post to websites. What if someone noticed the name of the domain? It would have to be posted on Elysiun, and ecitizen said that it has to be on another site. Maybe this is another bad example, but think about it.

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That’s why I said for an anonymous system to work, they’d all have to be posted on the same website (run by the admin of the WC), rather than on the contestant’s sites. This would likely be moot when Kib finishes the new elYsiun, as he’s suggested that contest submissions would be hosted here (stills only, not for animation contests).


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The anonymous rules seem difficult to realize. That’s sure that great blenderheads reputations may alter the votes, but were did they get that reputation?
Beginning to built a high-secured-anonymous-local-hosted contest means at least one thing: more work for the admin! Over control may also decrease the fun of it: just blend something cool in time and post it!
Secondly, speaking of experience, two people for a job (like two admins for the contest) is not necessarly a good idea. It means coordination between them, disponibility and interdependancy. If one of them fails for any reason (no time this week…), all the job is messed, and 1 people have to do the job of 2. And specially if there is no boss. A team, that’s sad but true, always need a boss.
Of course it takes time and energy (Ectizen could testimony) but in this case, only one very available admin would perhaps be better than 3 busy ones?..

in any case, I’m can’t wait the WEC to reopen!!



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i think that people are making it way too complicated. maybe we should first try to get the WC up before trying to implement all kinds of new ideas. doing to much at once could create a lot of confusion and mess up the WC completely.


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whoever voted no shall be put to death by squirrels.