Should there be a character design contest

I just thought of this. I think it would be cool if there was a contest where designers made a game character using only mesh and there own UV textures, then create an image and submit it.

I don’t know this maybe a stupid idea. If I could I would have submited this contest into the contest forum but I have know way of getting the pictures on the post.

You can submit anything about the idea or what ever you want it doesn’t matter it was just a thought.


sounds good to me, i usually start with a low poly version of most of my models first anyway, to get a feel of what i want.

sounds like a very cool idea to me!

It IS a good idea, but this is the wrong forum to post it.


Technically, this isn’t the wrong forum, as it’s Off-Topic, you can post anything here.

No, it’s Off Topic so you post anything that doesn’t fit any other forum, not ANYTHING.


sorry I made a mistake. why not move then