Should this forum be called "Compositing" instaed of "Composition" ?

I think this forum should be called Compositing Visual fx & rendering instead of composition.

What do you think ?

Ehm, before I ask “Why bother? Everyone knows what to expect in here.” I ask instead “Why do you think so?”. Also, probably not the right place to post this…let’s see :wink:

I say tomato, you say tomato.

yes but tomato and tomate means the same , composition and compositing dont.

Yes, it clearly should be 'Compositing, Visual Effects and Rendering" the three go hand in hand.

Well if i go into a forum that reads composition instead of compositing i expect composition.

Mostly for new users

One more vegetable, and we’ll have to change the name to "Off Topic Chat:

One more vegetable, and we’ll have to change the name to "Off Topic Chat:

That would give BA two off topic areas, one with a hyphen and one without, that would be rather confusing for people.

A bit like having a sub forum with ‘composition’ in the title which is an obvious error and shows slightly to a more pro audience that might occasionally visit BA that someone doesn’t understand the difference between ‘composition’ and ‘compositing.’

Directly from the department of redundancy department!

WTF are you on about? My off topic comment was a joke you F–king smart ass. :slight_smile:

So was my reply! Take it easy!

So was my reply! Take it easy!

People who don’t care, won’t care if it’s changed. People who do care will appreciate the change, so do it, I say.… In computer science, object composition (not to be confused with function composition) is a way and practice to combine simple objects or data types into more complex ones. …

This section of the forum was started before Blender had the compositor and is for composition.

yes but what about music composition? and isn’t a compound object a composition as well?

Many graphic designers consider a composite image to be one that is produced by combining several different original images. The composition of an image is the arrangements of image elements within the frame, and even a single photo (or painting, render, etc) has composition. Compositing generally means making composite images.

As a warrior in the istock Steel Cage I do a lot of compositing. Just finished my second blow in my current battle, which was constructed from four photographs, some 3d arch viz and a couple of lighting effects in PS. My previous blow was composited from seven photographs.

Actually, I rather like the term as it stands: composition. It rather suggests to me that this forum’s threads are sort-of aimed at “looking at the preparation of a final work-product,” whatever technical processes that might entail. A deliberately loose interpretation…


This is a computer graphics related forum, we talk about computer graphics compositing.