Should Ton do a small appearance in Mango ?

I would love that ton would make even a very small one word appearance in Mango, a funny one maybe even just one word…

would you like to ?

I would love a Stan Lee moment from him

yes ton as actor with ap´s words: “click and crash”


Like Alfred Hitchkock did: a couple of seconds early in the movie.

That would be awesome
I would love a pizza truck moment from Suzanne

He should and his code name should be that time frame , like 1618 hahaha , we all love the man indeed !

oh, i thought he would be the main big boss!

“Maximum impact, no story!”
Making lightning between his hands…

Should Ton hop around like a kangaroo, yep…yes yes YES…BEER + Ton for president!

No storx maximum impact would be great !!!

Should he appear in Zoooom jacket?


Ton should get sent flying by the blast of an explosion, complete with Wilhelm scream. And just so we don’t lose our favourite Dutch coder to a freak wire-fu accident, perhaps we can motion track his face onto a stunt mans head.

Sure! As long as it’s a shot of him at the computer debugging Mango/Blender’s cool new features ;). Wasn’t Ton the voice of the Dragon keeper-Guardian that Sintel deaded?

Actually it was VROOOOM jacket. Whatever happened to Wu and his Orange cartoons anyway? :slight_smile:

Edit: Wow, Super Wu-Man hasn’t been here in 4 years.

naked i would prefer!


Make it happen!!!

Of course, like Quentin Tarantino in his movies.

A cameo??? Let it be so!

He’d have to say at least one line.

do you even need to ask…
I think he should say something cynical and sarcastic to the main character, but short and sweet all the same…like"ya’ think Sherlock!"…or something along those lines…
OR he could play god…lol
You should start a new thread with what he should say…

yes ton should do a cameo

Ton was in the last movie wasn’t he? Look, I found a screen shot.