Should we continue to allow Profanity?

I started this poll because of the profanity on this website. I can look around at the different threads and in less than five minutes find foul and/or vulgar language. This does not help some noob learn how to create a simple particle system. Or anything else, for that matter. Please vote on whether or not you think such language should be banned with no exceptions.

If you read this, please vote. Don’t just read it and keep going.

Profanity doesn’t bother me, well at least on-line.

However I have to agree with you and a forum which has youngsters on it shouldn’t allow swearing, a simple blocking of the words in question would solve the issue.

The more pressing issue though is the lack of mental capacity of some of the posters who post ridiculous and often offensive posts directly directed towards other friendly users on this site, it’s a very bad thing considering the whole idea of the blender community and blender in general is based upon people offering their free time to aid and support others, something I wouldn’t want to do if I knew I was going to get abuse directed at me for silly reasons.

Freedom of speech is important.

If someone uses excessive profanity, they can be warned. If they keep using excessive profanity, they can be banned.

Besides, I haven’t noticed an excessive amount of profanity on these forums. They are fine as they are.

A healthy dose of profanity every once in a while never hurt anyone, even “youngsters.”

I don’t see here as many profanity as on some other forums so I don’t poll.
It’s very very rare, but if you collect those posts just link them here - then we’ll see.

if you follow the forum’s rule
people should stick to subject relating to blender and stuff like that

anything outside of this should be banne

but seems this is not even respected in blender’s forum

don’t know may be there are nobody ckecking out often

so even if you say it should be banne then who’s going to do that ?

but i agree with you this is an international forum where you find all kind of peoples from 7 to 77 not and not a private forum
and eveybody should be carefull what they write

Happy blender

If you start to censor what people can or cannot say where do you stop…

They are just words. If a word offends you, its because you’ve attributed a meaning to it which you find offensive.

After all, the meanings that you give to words may not be the meaning intended by the person using them.

Holly shit, of course should be allow, we are humans, we are free.

Well if people on here need to swear because they are incapable of wording their feelings then ok, don’t block offensive words, and by offensive I mean the obvious words that are classed as “swear words”, not for my sake or for the adults here, I don’t care, but it’s for the younger members. Which there seem to be quite a bit of.

Anyway, It’s the idiotic nature of most of blender artists users that get’s to me, the mods should really start to ban people and set an example.

I think we should ban the word “zbrush.” I grew up in a very user-friendly family, and am offended by insultingly bad and difficult software.

There could always be an option to block certain swears, though the profanity on this forum isn’t even close to what you see in comments in some YouTube videos, some blogs, and some other forums.

I find it interesting that the person posting the poll is from the UK, I thought they accepted profanity more in that country than the States?

Swearing has it uses sometimes. Besides they are just words.

With regards to the youngsters. They will hear and read someone swear. This is the age of the Internet. Everyone is so interconnected these days. Even to total strangers.

Parents have no choice but just educate them on what they read and hear.

Man, I hate remarks, polls, opinions like this. This is symptomatic of the nanny state we seem to live in sometimes.
If you don’t want YOUR kid to read profanity, install a very strict internet filter. If other people don’t find it necessary to ‘protect’ THEIR children by installing such measures, it’s not up to you to enforce YOUR values on them. Besides, what they hear on the playground or during a Saturday afternoon of telly watching blows whatever “profanity” here on the forums away.
As for profanity on Blenderartists, I have practically never come across it so I don’t even see the relevancy of such a poll here. This has even less value than the occasional stupid “let’s ban nudity” treads. Even the phrasing of the poll is completely useless since there is no definition of profanity and it is an all-or-nothing, black-and-white view

Having said that, if some person would start to spout ‘profanity’ on a more or less regular basis, I’m sure the forum guardians would come down hard on him and I would not feel inclined to stop them. The occasional profane expressions of frustration (mostly single words even…) over a real or imagined blender issue is however really harmless. If you do not thinks so, you’re the one with the problem…

I’ve never used swear words in this forum, at least those that I am aware. But swear words has become something part of the culture - in some war films to use an example, swear words is used to heighten the situation those characters are in. And indeed every so often in prime media we get this abuse of words from those who wish to shock the others.

As far as I’ve seen on the BA forums, if people use excessive profanity other members will reply appropriately. Harsh words, unless they’re a direct insult (in which case they’re obviously against the forum rules in the first place), should be allowed. No questions asked.
Selfregulation on this forum is very good, and in extreme cases we just report a post and it’ll generally work out well.

No-one has ever learned bad language from the internet and they never will. It’s used plenty in the real world. And it’s sometimes actually appropriate (see “Die Hard” :p)

if you follow the forum’s rule
people should stick to subject relating to blender and stuff like that

anything outside of this should be banne

Is it just me who spots the really quite staggering irony of such a statement ?

News & Discussion
“Discuss Blender & news about Blender”

why are there so many off topic threads in the news and discussion forum? :frowning:

This is rediculous, you mean block swear words? Why exactly? What does the letters F U C K do to you? If it has something to do with religion then no…religion should not have a voice in a blender community nor in any other community or society that is based on rules.

Swear words like fuck, cunt, asshole, satan, noob etc. Has a purpose, that is why people use them. Reading them does no harm to you, a open source blender forum like this should not take orders from religious members who believe that these words hurt them.

Flame wars the other hand should not be allowed, people debating and then resorts to name calling when they loose or just don’t want to give up their argument. Those members doesn’t belong here and should be banned…I have been banned twice so I know that is not cool. Remember don’t respond to people that are idiots…it will get you banned.

But you can’t take away the users right to free speech and use whatever words they like. And no religious or other type of group of people should come in and setup stupid rules that has no purpose.

The people have spoken, profanity for all!

Lol calm down boy. Who mentioned religion?

If you need to resort to using those words in a sentence then I’d suggest you go work on your English.

And let’s face it, this is a site about Blender and the artist community when and where would you need to tell some one to fuck off, to say fuck or cunt? I seriously doubt your experience at Blender Artists would be diminished if a few rules were brought in, mainly to keep the utterly pointless and retarded threads off this forum.

Also religious threads aren’t allowed here and rightly so (I’ll resist from going into a rant about religion), but I’ll say that a lot of people come here, some very talented, artistic people as well as coders and some are put off by users here.