Should we get rid of sumo?

The sumo physics engine has been in “deprecated” status for more than a year, replaced by bullet, now is kinda broken, and the code is pretty messy, full of hacks that difficult the cleanup process…

the question is: should we remove it? keep it? is there anyone using that engine after a year of being deprecated?

if you choose the second option, please give us a reason why you want to stick with sumo

Until 2.48 the only stuff Sumo had that Bullet didn’t was Fh forces, form factor and Anisotropic friction, now that Bullet has those things Sumo’s useless.

I’d say when you can even have the old skategirl demo working in Bullet maybe it is time to clean Sumo out of the code.

works better than in sumo, with no modifications, just switch the engine in the world settings

IMO, chuck it

I dont know I have never used it

as I voted,“what the hell is Sumo”?

Sumo is an old physics engine that is in blender since 2.25, but its development stopped since 2.43 when bullet was introduced. now Bullet has the same functionality and more (coughsoftbodiescoughconvex hull polytopescoughphysics visualizationcough**cough).

Yes, kill it!

I said keep it >=D

Lol, I really hate sumo, the only reason I said keep it is because my very first blender games were all in sumo =/ back in the early 2.3 days…

do they need glsl materials, shadows and all the features to be added in future blender versions?
if not, you can still use older blender versions.
do they run with the most recent bullet?
in that case you dont need sumo anyway

Nope. They were made back in 04, 05, and 06.

so there is still no point having it in the future then xD

Porting the games from Sumo to Bullet should be painless, except for tweaking the margin value, it should work just like it had been.

Sumo inverts the dRot values… eeeeh… Or is it bullet that inverts?

bur da buuuuuuurrrrrrrmmmmmmm (in an alien sound effect)

none, blender 2.46 does, the bug was fixed with a proper do_version() in 2.48

(however you should be able to download (compile) and run older blender versions, they don’t disintegrate) xD

I voted no- but only because I misclicked. Still getting used to the new mouse (the sensitivity is way up).

Way I see it, any dead weight we can cut out of blender, that will potentially even clear up bugs (I dunno, paths are crossed in all kinds of weird places)

why not?

Get rid of sumo, Bullet used to be extremely giltchy, and damping still doesnt work that well, but sumo is useless, and anything wrong with bullet can be fixed with workarounds now. It’s worth it to clean out the code, and stop developers from having to deal with it. I would check with other developers before you remove it though.

yeah i know, this is to be discussed in the next meeting, this poll is meant to be proof of the bge users thoughts.

I say get rid of it, it is cluttering up the code.

Never used it. Bullet has always been good.