Should you bake textures even if it is NPR?

Had a nice model and all, I texture painted the whole thing, I rigged and it is fairly not that high poly I guess. But the playback is like at 10fps, even if the scene is not that high in poly or anything like that.
So maybe I need to bake the textures ? But the character is quite stylised and there is no pbr shading, in term of geometry it is fairly simple. And also that it will be in cell shading and not pbr.
Is it necessary to bake the texture or is it normal that the playback is not that high in term of fps?

I would do some tests to determine where the slowdown is coming from. Try removing all materials and see if that improves your performance.

Other things that could be making it slow are too many / too heavy of modifiers, too many objects, or complex shaders.

Odds are, your textures probably aren’t the problem. Baking toon shading wouldn’t work very well anyway.

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@SterlingRoth is correct, you can’t bake light-based cel shading. My guess is your slowdown is A that you’re playing back in rendered view and B that you have a lot of geometry. Make sure subdivision surface and other modifiers are set to render only


Thank you so much for your answer

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And/or C, you have a CPU with low single core performance. Things like textures/shaders, once compiled, are processed pretty fast by the GPU, so unless you have a LOT, chances are it makes little difference.

However, the actual processing of the geometry for animation (I assume its animated, given the rigging and playback part) has to be calculated for every vertex that is moving for every frame. All of that tends to fall on the CPU and in general it is all done via a single thread.

So with the animation playing, pull up Task Manager (I’m assuming Windows here) and see what is bottle-necking. You want the Performance tab and view each CPU core/thread. You can have 8 threads and a CPU running at 15%, but if most cores are doing nothing, while 1 is running at 100%, that’s your bottleneck. Chances are the GPU will be sub 40% usage.

At which point, do what others said, limit the amount of processing required, turn off modifers, set subdivision to 0, etc, etc.


Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your help