shoulder and arm rigs

hey everyone, i’m new here so i dont really know how this works. just wanna try out my luck :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways…i wanna ask for help regarding rigging the shoulders and arms…something simple yet intuitive, something that has elbow rotates and shoulder rotates involving controls. for humanoid characters preferably cartoony ones.

i’ve tried the ludwig rig, i love the facial setup, but am not really into the body rig, but thats just me :smiley:

anyways, i’ll post my blend file of what i have so far, once i figure out how to.
thanks to anyone in advance

You should check out the Intro to Character Animation Tutorial found here:

He covers rigging in a simple and easy to use manner. You will learn alot.:smiley:

hey dreamgate, thanks for the reply…appreciate it :slight_smile:

anyways…yea, i’ve went thru that tutorial before already…learned a lot from it as well, but i’m looking more towards using contraints or other methods in achieving fluid movements with the elbow and shoulders.

for me, i find it rather tedious to use the AutoIK function, plus that rig involves using a lot of bones :stuck_out_tongue:

but anyways, thanks again :slight_smile: