shoulder movement - lattice and bones

hello -

at the moment i’m trying to get my first model working / moving.
after creating the bones and adding the vertex groups, i discovered a (nooblike) problem:

the shoulders (and everything inside a deformation process) are simply looking afully - the way it seems, the sizes of the objects do not change by moving the bones.

i searched in the forum and found the possibility of “lattice” objects - but i really don’t know how to use them - i didn’t even manage to find a tutorial…

can anybody help me in finding a tutorial, which shows me how to animate shoulders / how to use lattice objects in the correct way? can anybody give me some advice or help me in this situation?

thank you very much for all the help i’ll hopefully receive,
with the best greetings

shoulders are the most tricky part. I don’t think a lattice is the proper solution though. One solution is to use shape keys. Either in the armature buttons or the shape key buttons, or somewhere, there is an option to see the armature deformed mesh while in edit mode, so, you would pose the model to the position where it has the problem, go into edit mode, adjust the vertices to where it looks good, and make a shape key. Then, if you want to get fancy, you can make an ipo driver for that key, set to the rotation of the bone. That is probably a bit too tricky though, so just check out shape keys. There is some documentation at the main site I think, and at the orange project site as well. good luck. Additionally you might want to look into weight painting, and hooks.

Ipo driven shape keys, stretching bones too.

I tried to explain some of that here:

Nice tutorial tolobán. Thanks.

thank you very much - the tutorial was a great help, all the bones are moving fine now