Shoulder Rigging.

At the moment, I’m working on a robot.
Modelling, Texturing is basically finished, so now I have to Rig.
I’m a bit stumped on how to rig the shoulder joint…

I want the upper arm to be able to rotate along the x axis and partially on the y axis,
and the shoulder to rotate only on the x axis.

Can you do this with one bone, and/or keep ik? ( I’d rather not resort to fk )
Otherwise, what is the best approach to this?

Thanks all!


Yeah, IK works fine in this case, you just have to set it up well. First you should try thinking about what pieces the robot is made of and what each piece is intended to do. Because each bone should probably be assigned a piece, due to being a machinery matter, not organic behaviour.

From the picture it seems you could have 3 base bones to start with: arm, forearm and hand. Then, you could have a forth bone, child of the arm, just above it, to control the shoulder piece, which needs to rotate. Rotating the arm bone would rotate the shoulder bone, which in turn can be locked to rotate just on one axis.