Shoulder solution using driven shapekeys and pydrivers

I had wanted to make this for years now. This is a solution I have found to be able to pose the shoulders of my human models to a wide range of positions, looking good and without distortions.

There is a lot of work involved, and it is intended for advanced modelers, since I don’t approach the needed modeling with much detail, although anyone with enough curiousity might find it interesting.

If you are having basic problems with the shoulders of your models, like weight painting, this is not for you.

Although it actually works, my understanding of the involved math is very limited. If you can think of a better way to get the X and Z rotation of the upper arm, disregarding any Y rotations, that would be a welcome improvement.

Here is the link:

awsome tutorial,

Fantastic tutorial Toloban! Your ipo driven shape key tutorial has been a huge influence on my blendering. And you have come through again with this one. I am very happy and grateful that you are in this community. Thanks again.

I’ve posed a question about the rotation of bones and, well, exactly the problem your tutorial is about. Nobody seemed to find an answer back then (just before the summer, can’t really remember when).

I’m glad to finally see a tutorial about this. It is the best solution I have ever seen, also because it is the only one I have seen so far.

Thanx Toloban. You’ve helped me out with your tutorial about the shapekeys for the knees, and now again, you’re about to give my project a boost…

I think many people should, and will read this tutorial…


Vey good tutos, thank you so much.

Thanks to you all. I am glad it helps. I am working on improving it.