Show an animated texture in the viewport - how?


I am unable to get a texture preview in the 3D viewport when the texture is an animation.

Non-UV texturing has the concept of image sequences and video. But the UV Editor doesn’t display videos/sequences, although one can add them as texture/image. Is that a known limitation? How can I get around that. Can I?

Why do I need this?
I am trying to animate a geometry alinged with a video mapped to a plane, so I need to “see” what a certain frame looks like in the viewport when it is projected onto the plane, to be able to model my geometry above it accordingly.
Any suggestions how this could be done alternatively?

See attached image, remember to post your blender version.

Do you have it set to movie? Is auto-refresh checked? Are the frames set correctly?



Blender 2.49.2 and Blender 2.55 both show same behaviour.

As I see it, the image you attached is from the “standard” materials properties, while UV mapped materials are a “kind-of” different matter - at least that’s what’s my current concept of the internal workings. “standard” materials never show the actual texture in the viewport, but it behaves normally - attached image 1

But when I unwrap the object, and assign the video as the texture to UV map onto the object, I get a black object in the viewport, alhtough materials shows me the current frame. - image 2

Somehow the UV editor “pipeline” doesn’t seem to be able to process videos/sequences. With stills everything works as expected. Using image sequence doesn’t seem to solve it either.

Any ideas for an alternative way to get a per frame preview of a video in the viewport to work with?

Add a material to your uv unwrapped object, add a texture to your material (a movie file), select ‘Auto Refresh’, set your 3d view to textured and select GLSL as the display mode. Press play in the timeline for the movie to play or just scrub along the timeline.
An example in blender 2.55beta with a plane playing the Avatar trailer (poor framerate due to screen capture)
Note this may not work in blender 2.49b.

Guess what… it works! (with videos and sequences as the source)
Just after I set the viewport’s shading mode to GLSL, boom, there was the mapped texture!