Show debug info in textured game?

Is there a way to get text output into a fully textured game, similar to the debug display, other than using Text Objects, and without switching to the (DOS?) Blender window each time?

Ultimately I would like to point or click an object, and get legible, verbose pop-up info looked up from a database.

the only real way to do realtime text is with the text objects. i think i can do what you want done though, i’ll make a demo, just wait a bit and i’ll have it done

Thanks Lizard, a demo would be great!
Meanwhile I was looking at your (amazing) Texture-mapping Automap.blend. …

If displaying text info where your eye is looking, in the 3D window, is difficult or heavy, then displaying it in the Text window would be next best, assuming its possible and easier (for the initiated)? (remembering links to French tutes on displaying images there)