Show event.value 'DOUBLE_CLICK'

The Manual of the Blender API 2.74 indicates that there is an event.value ‘DOUBLE_CLICK’:

But how to detect this event?

If I remember correctly, it’s not available to Python (probably a hack in C code to make this work at all for the hardcoded parts).

If then it is a hack on C so it’s not possible to use in a Addon :(. (Unless you find the directory in memory and add some hex codes. Maybe).

Then I’ll simulate the event.value ‘DOUBLE_CLICK’:

value = event.value
if event.type == 'LEFTMOUSE':
    self.double_click += 1
    self.mvalue = False
    if self.double_click == 3:
        self.double_click = 0
        value = 'DOUBLE_CLICK'
elif event.type != 'MOUSEMOVE' or self.mvalue:
    self.mvalue = False
    self.double_click = 0
    self.mvalue = True