Show Framerate and Profile BUG?

I modeled a game charactor, with 600 polys. I wanted to see how fast it ran, so i clicked the 'Show Framerate and Profile" button in the Game menu, and got 4 fps. I was confused. i made a blank scene, clicked the 'Show Framerate and Profile" button again, and got 4 fps. After awhile, i disabled the button, and had my charactor just rotate. it was liquid smooth. Is this a bug? i think it is strange that when you try to see the frp it cuts the speed in half.

Lol, 4 fps. No way. Not sure if it’s a bug, but I do also notice that it seems slower when you set Show Framerate. Umm, how fast is your computer? I put show framerate on mine with such a small setup I get over 300 fps. Not too much of a slowdown.

Jason Lin

turning on “profile and framerate” does slow things down, you can tell by using your own framerate file

try loading this file, then turning on the framerate:

[oh, and don’t do it in 2.35 or later, it hasn’t been updated for them and will always say 30fps]