Show framerate and profile explaination


I was wondering if anyone could explain what each variable means when show framerate and profile is active, and weather it is better to have a high or low percentage.


I believe it is the percent of you CPU that each thing is taking. so low number would be better. (except for frame rate, that should be high)

Here are a few of the variables that I wrote down when this came up a long time ago… I don’t know if you can find it again, but I transcribed it to my notebook.
Physics= %CPU used for physics simulation
Logic= %CPU used for Python/bricks
Network= %CPU used for delivering messages
Scenegraph= %CPU used for layering (such as foreground scenes)
Sound= %CPU used for sound
Rasterizer= %CPU used for graphics rendering
Overhead= ?
Outside= %CPU used for other applications

Obviously your game will run faster whenever these show lower percentages…

The overhead is how much cpu% you have left over. High numbers here are a good thing :smiley: