"Show framerate and profile" Is this what the values mean?

I couldn’t find anything on it, but I assume this is what they mean. Can someone fill in the gaps?

Swap - Possibly ms between frames
Physics - ms taken up by physics engine
Logic - ms taken by code
Network - ms taken by network commands? (Does blender even have those?)
Scenegraph - ms taken by scene management, such as overlaying scenes
Sound - ms taken by sounds played
Rasterizer - ms taken to draw the game
Services - ms taken up by blender, probably why the game runs faster after you run the saved exe
Overhead - ms taken to draw the “Framerate and display” as well as 'Physics visualization"
Outside - ?

  • Physics: Time taken for physics. This will raise as you add more for Bullet to do (constraints, rigid bodies, etc). This can also raise if you are using something like triangle mesh bounds (default) or convex hull as physics bounds for a very complex mesh.
  • Logic: Time taken for logic bricks and Python scripts. This will raise as you start adding more logic bricks or “expensive” Python scripts.
  • Network: Time taken for networking. The BGE actually has networking (the message sensor and actuator both work over a network), but it’s just a simple loopback network, so it’s kind of pointless at the moment. You’ll probably never see this raise much.
  • Scenegraph: This is managing objects and their position, orientation, scale, etc. This will raise as you get more objects in your scene(s).
  • Sound: Time taken for sound. This will probably raise if you have a lot of sound (probably more for 3d audio) in your game.
  • Rasterizer: Time taken for drawing. This includes the debug visualization. This will increase as you add more complexity to your scene, and as you add more 2D filters.
  • Services: This really doesn’t look like it tracks much; just some time step stuff.
  • Overhead: Time taken to draw the Framerate, Profile and Debug Properties. This will raise as you add more things for the overhead display to draw. Also keep in mind that this will be 0 when not displaying the overhead.
  • Outside: Time spent outside of the BGE’s main loop. This includes things like the rest of Blender (if running embedded) or the operating system taking some time. Your game really won’t be affecting this.

I hope that was helpful.

This is really helpful, Moguri.

I was aware of most of the meanings, but the most mystifying thing for me in the “framerate and profile” feedback was the “Overhead”. I never made the connection between that value and the “framerate and profile” itself. :spin:

I never really worried about it since I didn’t know what it was and didn’t seem to be able to affect it, but this really clears up my worries :). I’m gonna go back to my cave and forget about trying to optimise the overhead now.