Show grease pencil keyframes alongside all other keyframes

In the dope sheet, you can select the “dope sheet” mode, which seems to show key frames for everything except grease pencil. To See grease pencil, you have to go to the “grease pencil” mode.

Is there a way to show both grease pencil and all other keyframes on the same graph.

One partial workaround I’ve found is to open two windows. However, I want to be able to select every thing, with e.g. the box tool, and shift it along. This method requires two selections to be made (one on both timelines).

In previous releases, Grease Pencil was a property of scene.
It was not at level of object data as it is in 2.8.
So, the fact that Grease pencil keyframes are displayed on a special mode is inherited from previous situation of Grease Pencil.
In 2.79, as scene data, there was no dependency visible in dopesheet.

Now, there is no reason to keep Grease Pencil keyframes into a separated mode and not expose it like other Object Data (Shapekeys, Mesh Data, Material or Modifiers) on same graph than Transforms.

That is not the unique problem. There are also not visible into Action Editor mode and NLA editor.
A time offset modifier was added to attenuate this issue.

One of developer of Grease Pencil is also developer of animation system. He is aware of that.
If it is not solved for 2.80, because of a lack of time to properly solve those issue before delivery a stable version of 2.8. There is no doubt that, at moment, consistency of exposure of animation data will be restored in future releases.

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I am having the above problem with 2.91. I’m not sure it’s still how Blender works or if I’m just not understanding.
I have made a 2d animation with a mix of object location changes that show up as keyframes in the dopesheet mode of the dopesheet and also grease pencil modifications that show up as keyframes in the grease pencil mode of the dopesheet.
Now I see my animation timing needs adjustment here and there, so in these places I want to select and move all keyframes using the ‘]’ key. How do I select and move all dopesheet mode keyframes and grease pencil mode keyframes that come after a time?
If I have to hunt them down in the grease pencil dopesheet mode and move them individually, I think it would be a huge tedious task fraught with human error.
Am I missing a technique?
Thank you

You can have two instances of the dopesheet open at once. Set one to grease pencil and leave the other in dopesheet mode. The instance that is set to grease pencil can have different keyframes selected. You can’t move both sets of keyframes at the same time, but you can see how many frames the keyframes were moved in the header of each dopesheet. Just use the G command on the keyframes you have selected in the other dopesheet and type the number of frames it was moved in the first dopesheet to move both types of keyframes a uniform amount (use - values to move keyframes to the left).

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Thank you zanzio!
And I now see that if I select all my grease pencil objects they are all shown at the same time in the grease pencil dopesheet. That may have been obvious to you and others.
The procedure you outlined is now working well for me. thanks!

Thanks, I’m glad I could be of some help. I don’t really use the grease pencil, I just know some tips concerning it. Btw, if you want to see all the keyframes for all your grease pencil objects without having to select them first, then you can disable the “show only selected” button in the header of the dopesheet:

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OMG, this is great! Thanks!