Show hotkey in tooltips

Finding the right hotkey for something is usually only a google search away, but I was thinking that it would be really neat if hotkeys would show up in the tooltip when I hover a tool.
Is there a setting, add-on or any other way to make hotkeys show in tooltips?

This is what my tooltips look like currently, using Blender 2.78

The tooltips do show hotkeys. Go to the “Tools” tab in the Tool Shelf and hover over like Translate, Rotate, or Scale. Don’t know much about grease pencil ,but it may not be assigned a hotkey.

Minor thing, go to User preference under “Interface” and turn off Python Tooltips. that will make ur tooltips a bit cleaner.

as for your issue, most keys do have a shotcut when you hover over them, but i do agree, the lack of information in the tooltips is a big problem for new useres. i do believe there is an addon for it tho, look it up.

do a BIT of research at least… no, not everything shows shortcuts. for instance, go to the tools tab as you said, and hover over:

Delete: X (not shown)
Set origin: CTRL+Alt+Shift+C (not shown)
Slide edge: GG (not shown)
Noise: “dont know” (not shown)
Randomize: “dont know” (not shown)
Extrude individual: Alt E (not shown)
Screw, (not shown)
Bisect: K+Z (not shown)
Remove Doubles W+R (not shown)

a TON of functions lack a hotkey in the tooltips… so dont comment without checking please.

You are absolutely right, those hotkeys do show, I don’t know how I overlooked that.
For grease pencil the default hotkey is holding D and then drawing with left click. I imagine it might not show up in tooltip since it’s a two-step thing.

Thank you both for your replies!

Here’s Delete

Delete does not show on my end, and do you wish to make a point? a TON of shotcuts does not show in the tooltips.

Yeah, LOL. I did a little editing to make it show up. Gotta look at what the hotkey is assigned to. The delete button in the tool shelf is this bpy.ops.object.delete() The shortcut ‘x’ is assigned to this bpy.ops.object.delete(use_global=False).

With all that, I don’t know why some show and some don’t. Unless there’s no shortcut assigned or there’s something extra that the shortcut is assigned too, like the use_global on the delete example.

So if I understand you correctly there’s a slight mismatch between the underlying python command executed by the hotkey versus the UI button? Even if it’s just a parameter that’s being sent in with the default value.

Pretty much, like delete you could have two UI buttons with two hotkeys, ‘X’ for use_global = False and ‘Y’ for use_global=True.

Here’s the grease pencil operator example:
bpy.ops.gpencil.draw(mode=‘DRAW’, stroke=None, wait_for_input=True)

Apparently the shortcut is assigned to this:
bpy.ops.gpencil.draw(mode=‘DRAW’, stroke=None, wait_for_input=False)

UI button this:
bpy.ops.gpencil.draw(mode=‘DRAW’, stroke=None, wait_for_input=True)

If you go to User Preferences > Input > In search bar type ‘grease’ > Go to the “Wait for Input” on all of them > click x. Your hotkeys will be visible. Of course you have to save user settings for it to stay.