"Show in foreground" help

I am using v 2.68 and can’t find “Show in Foreground” option for my background image. Can someone help? Thanks.

there is a menu to specify where the image is shown !
in N panel where the file is uploaded !

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What I am trying to do is model using the image as a guide, but I can’t get it to show through my mesh to help with fine-tuning my model. The mesh is obscuring my image reference. I am following a tutorial and there was an option called “Show in foreground” that you could check in the N panel but I can’t find it in mine.

ame place again look there is 2 buttons side by side
Front and Back

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Probably this

in 2.69
you also have the option Hiden lines in N panel Shading panel
which works with solid mode and with X ray in object panel

but you mat still have to play a little with the opacity

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I see it now, thanks RickyBlender and JA12!