Show MP3 waveform in VSE?

Is there a way to see the audio waveform of an MP3 file imported into the sequence editor? It makes it so much easier to sync the animation if you can actually see the waveform…

Both the wiki and a quick test show that 1) Audio (HD) strips, which do not show the waveform, can be loaded from an MP3 file, and that 2) Audio (RAM) strips, which do show the waveform, cannot be loaded from an MP3 file.

For now, you’ll have to convert your MP3 to a WAV file if you want to see the waveform. Myself, I use the free (both gratis and libre) program Audacity for my sound editing needs.

Thanks for the info. That kinda sucks to have to convert to WAV files though. :frowning:

Displaying the waveform of an MP3 file does not make much sense because sample-accurate editing of MP3 streams is impossible anyway.

Really? Because I do it all the time in Adobe Premiere and After Effects! They both can display the MP3 waveform perfectly. So why can’t Blender?

The Adobe products can show the waveform because they automatically decompress the imported MP3 to 44.1KHz, 16-bit audio. For this reason it’s best to use constant bit-rate MP3s with Premiere. Also you should never import MP3 into DV-NTSC, which uses 48 Khz audio–you’ll get artifacts.

To see the waveform in Blender (or to use MP3 in DV-NTSC in Premiere), preconvert MP3sto WAV with Audacity as suggested above.